PETA India has a different policy for feral cats compared to PETA America

PETA in America (the home of PETA) has a clear policy on how to deal with feral cats and it distinctly clashes with the policy of PETA in India.

PETA in India

PETA in India where they operate TNR under different rules to those in America

PETA in America

PETA does not advocate killing all feral cats as a humane way to deal with them. They believe that TNR (trap-neuter-release) is acceptable when feral cats are, “isolated from roads, people, and other animals who could harm them; regularly attended to by people who not only feed them but care for their medical needs; and situated in an area where they do not have access to wildlife and where the weather is temperate.”

Other than under those conditions they advocate humane euthanization.

PETA in India

The reports that the PETA operation in India have recently sterilised 500 stray cats because the cats are being abused by people and killed or badly injured by traffic on the roads. Of course the temperatures in Mumbai are very high and not temperate and the cats are subject to potential attacks by wildlife. Therefore the conditions under which TNR is taking place in India are those that would prevent TNR taking place in America based in PETA’s policy on dealing with feral cats.

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The Indian operation is focusing on cats at the Mumbai Fish Market where the businesses were against TNR. They wanted the cats removed. They were persuaded to accept TNR. Once again these would be grounds for euthanasia in the US under PETA policy.

This is not a big deal but it does show a fractured policy on a fundamental issue regarding feral cats. The policy is not universally applied it appears.

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