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PETA is not entirely correct about no-kill policies — 7 Comments

  1. I agree, Dee. When I was younger I used to argue with those fools. It’s pointless to talk sense to them because they don’t have any.

  2. Kill shelters euthanize 2 month old kittens knowing full well that at that age false positives for all kinds of diseases will show up. I don’t have much good to say about them. Or PETA.

    This is the no kill shelter I adopted Samirah from:


    I can’t say enough good things about them. Samirah was grossly overweight, had a fatty tumor underneath her chin and was absolutely furious and terrified. Despite this Animal House took her in and calmed her down. They made sure that she got the surgery she needed and helped her lose weight. Even though she was defensive towards them for a time they did not declaw her. Once they realized she hated being in those open rooms with the other cats (in the back) she was given a place in the lobby. Would a kill shelter have done all that for her? No. They would have given her the needle and tossed her body into the dumpster out back.

    • Thank you, Serbella. I have absolutely nothing positive to say about PETA. They’re too twisted to bother with. It’s as much of a waste of energy to deal with them as it is to reason with Jimbo Woody.

    • So, let met get this straight. Thousands of dollars of resources were devoted to saving the life of one sick cat, instead of using that money to sterilize many dozens of cats that are already over-breeding and creating more sick and suffering cats.

      Did I get that right?

      And you’re okay with this.

      Okay, got it.

      • Ah, Ralph, it’s obvious you don’t know what you’re talking about. Animal House spays and neuters all the cats in their care as soon as they come of age. Your concern about spaying/neutering is just as fake as your screen name. Is that you, Woody? Hello again.

        Animal House also provides surgeries for any cat in their care that needs it. Since this has absolutely nothing to do with you, I fail to see why you would be concerned about it.

        No, you got that wrong.

        And yes, I’m perfectly okay with it.

        You’re dumb. And a troll. I got that.

        Now I imagine you are going to respond with some long winded post that is clearly going to expose your illogical thinking and your troll tendencies. Have at it. I could use a good laugh.

  3. Education . People need to be educated. I have seen a cat horder. at least 30-50 cats (depending on how many kittens lived at birth or after) some of these kittens that lived were were very sick and deformed, i feel it would have been best for these little kittens to be humanely put to sleep . Other kittens could have been helped. i confroted this man daily…he said it was the “circle of life”. how do you reach or educate someone like him??

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