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PETA says Seaside Heights boardwalk cats would be better off dead — 12 Comments

  1. PETA member be better off dead than the cats. PETA members are like Black Lives Matter and Muslims, full of hate and useless

    • Thanks Billy. A lot of people think like you. I think that PETA do some good but on feral cats they are wrong.

  2. PETA is horrible!!! How can an organization claim to help animals when they allow them to suffer and die! They need to either be shut down.

    • I think the problem is that PETA hold extreme views and their leader and founder’s views are followed. Some of what they say is good I believe but they have a strange attitude towards feral cats. Thanks for commenting Melissa.

    • Yep, I am as frustrated as you seem to be about PETA. They do some good work but on this I have to disagree. Thanks Lee.

  3. PETA’s voice is just one of many and should not be taken as the last word in this matter. I assume the Seaside Heights group is in close touch with Alley Cat Allies & is taking advantage of the advice & resources they can provide. Beyond that they need to get an attorney involved who will negotiate a good outcome — even if relocation has to happen, there needs to be proper monitoring of handling, setup, followup, etc. PETA likes to play God but I’m not aware that they’re entitled. Anything is better than leaving the disposition of these cats to Animal Control alone.

  4. The people there should protest PETA and the decision to get rid of the cats. All these years and now some idiots want them killed!? That is cruelty.

  5. It’s best to stay away from groups like PETA unless you really understand their philosophy. No one should have pets.

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