Petco will insist that pet food products they sell are free of artificial ingredients

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Petco will be stopping the sale of pet food with artificial ingredients: flavors, colors and preservatives. That’s what they say. They believe it is a good business strategy even if currently products containing artificial ingredients provide sales of $100m for the stores.

Petco CEO Ron Coughlin said something which is music to the ears of concerned cat owners:

“Some may question whether this makes good business sense, but putting pets’ health first has always been the right thing to do for Petco. We hope the rest of the pet industry will join us on this path.”

The business is going to raise the quality of the pet food sold in their stores and they hope it has a knock on effect throughout the rest of the pet food industry.

By next May the store chain will only sell pet food which is free of artificial flavors, preservatives and colors.

The process starts in January 2019. If a manufacturer does not meet the standard they won’t stock the their products. Bold, brave words. We like to hear that.

The stores will assist customers in finding brands of pet food which is healthier for pets.


I agree the strategy because cat owners have been crying out for better quality cat food for years. It is the elephant in the room: the general lack of quality cat food.

Source: USA Today.

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