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Pete Doherty visits woman whose cat was killed by his Huskies — 6 Comments

  1. I fail to understand how two at large dogs can take another pet out of it’s yard kill it and there is no repercussion for the owner. I mean WTF.

    • I feel the same. It’ll be assessed as an accident in terms of criminal behavior but that’s wrong because the law is wrong, I am afraid, in the UK. In civil law she has a claim.

  2. This ridiculous fool has a long history of exploiting animals. There is footage online of him smoking crack and blowing the smoke over two tiny tuxedo kittens. Also footage online of him and Amy Winehouse mauling naked new born mice for their own inebriated entertainment.

    He is the very worst type of narcissistic hedonist, he should be kept away from all living beings.

    My empathy is with Penny and poor Archie.

    Docherty has always been a talent free bully, thankfully his career is failing.

    Docherty is the lowest form of scum

    • Thanks, Jane, for adding the detail about smoking crack with his cats. I knew about that but had forgotten the detail. He’s no good.

  3. Hey dipshit ur dogs killed her cat and u can’t even apologise to the lady.U dont deserve to b a pet owner. Ur cruel and discussed.get a clue ur an asshole

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