Peter Crouch’s wife Abbey Clancy says she would never have sex in front of the cats

Peter Crouch was a high-profile Premier League footballer in the UK. Abbey Clancy, a former model, is his wife and she starred in Strictly Come Dancing and did well as I recall.

Together, they have a podcast with a clever name: The Therapy Crouch. I like that. In their podcast they recently discussed cats. Great. I like that too.

Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch in The Therapy Crouch podcast
Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch in The Therapy Crouch podcast. Image: MikeB based on The Therapy Crouch images.
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They’ve been arguing about allowing the cats access to the bedroom. They wouldn’t be the first couple to do this.

It has caused a bit of friction in the relationship. Although I expect it’s been made to look worse than it is because they want to make the podcast interesting.

Abbey Clancy has surprisingly put the litter tray in the bedroom. I don’t think that is necessary. I also think very few couples who allow their cat(s) into the bedroom do this. I can’t see that working. Can you? I wonder if it is a bit of fiction. I have a feeling that it is. I am sure the hard part with a podcast is making it interesting.

Peter is complaining because their cat rusting around in the litter tray is putting him off when lovemaking!

In response, Abbey said: “I would never have sex in front of our cat. Let’s put that out there.”

And then Peter responded by saying: “Is that why you put them in the bedroom?”

Abbey laughed and replied: ‘Yes!’

QED. End of discussion.

But Peter added: “Honestly, every time you hear the rustling of stones and you just think to yourself, cats having a s***.”

You can see a lot of the relationship in that conversation but I don’t believe it really happens. Although we know that Abbey Clancy likes cats a lot through that conversation. We also know that she has looked up about cat behaviour.

There is a lot on the Internet about allowing cats into the bedroom. I myself have written about it on a few occasions. The basic policy is to allow them into the bedroom because it is in Jackson Galaxy’s words a “scent soaker”. The smell of the cats’ human companions is very strong in a bedroom which is attractive to a domestic cat.

They want to be there and can’t understand it when they are shut out. The cry of a cat shut out of the bedroom is worse than the disturbance when they are in the bedroom. Abbey wants to please her cats and do the right thing by them.

The man of the house, Peter Crouch, has a slightly different take on it. He wants the bedroom to be a place where a bit of romance can take place. Where he can have a nice warm bath, get relaxed and fall asleep and then “There might be the odd occasion where you know things may progress….”

The couple recently renewed their wedding vows on a beach in the Maldives last Christmas. They wanted to do it after 10 years but because of lockdown they couldn’t. And they wanted their children to attend the renewing of their vows because they had no kids when they were married.

To get back to cat behaviour. You can’t always separate cat behaviour from human behaviour, can you? The best solution for cats in bedrooms is to compromise. Don’t put the cat litter tray in there. Leave it where it normally is downstairs in the utility room.

Make a nice cosy bed for your cat with perhaps some of your clothes on or around it. The objective is to make your bedroom open to your cat but to encourage them to go to their bed rather than sleep on yours. Cats like to sleep on the clothing of their human caregivers. That’s what their bed should be made of.

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