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Peter in Michigan: Cat lovers are in awe over giant loverboy at shelter in Flint — 15 Comments

  1. All Adopters that apply today should be considered, then after they screen them all the best home for him should be carefully chosen for him. No dogs, not more than one or two female cats , plenty of room, grain free / quality food not commercial junk that gives adult males urinary blockage, (can be fatal) and proper care love and concern for his well being. He’s amazing and his humans should be amazing parents too!

  2. He is an extraordinary-looking cat; the “chocolate” color is one I just haven’t seen on ordinary cats. I’m sure all of us want to know his history. Why that is sometimes not offered with adoption cats is frustrating to me. Cats have lives that need to be known to their caregivers; and people should pay more mind to keeping track of that in case they change homes. I’ve done this with mine so as if anything happened to me, they would be better taken care of and more interesting to adopt. When a cat has a story, people tend to care more, which is great!

  3. I shared this to a page with over 14000 exteme cat lovers, and all agree how unusual and fabulous he truly is!! I know a star when I see one ! ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

    • I’m not sure whether this is a kill shelter. Someone tagged me with his photo and he’s one of the most unusual cats I’ve ever seen. I just wanted to share him with everyone. There are so many who will be fighting over who gets to take him home.

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