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  1. What an extraordinary selection of cats.

    Can anyone tell me what drives breeders to produce cats that have such important, functional items such as hair, missing?

    Could the production of such breeds be the point when humans stop and ask themselves “ok, we can do this, but should we be doing it?”

    • The motive is ‘dominion over animals’ 🙂

      It is playing God. I dislike cat breeding. To create a hairless cat for the pleasure of it looks wrong to me but maybe it’s just me. The Peterbald is a rare cat breed. Semi-hairless, something like the Sphynx but with sparse hair and a slender frame.

  2. I would like to know if you can sell me a little Peterbald like of 3 to 6 months.
    Really I want one becuase Im allergic to the hair of the cats.
    I really need it and want it.
    PLEASE help me find one

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  4. Hi Michael,

    Always good to see a page about a hairless cat breed 🙂

    Good and thorough run down and beautiful pictures.

    Provided you bathe them once a week combined with the fact that they shed less hair can make them relatively hypoallergenic. Otherwise it’s as you say – the allergic reaction comes from the saliva and all cats groom themselves, which puts saliva on their skin cells. That in turn gets on their hair like dandruff does on human scalps.

    Less hair (and less shed hair) means that it doesn’t get on furniture, clothing, and human skin quite as much.

    So in that way they CAN be relatively hypoallergenic. Same is true with other breeds of hairless cats. I know others might argue otherwise but that’s my belief.

    I might add that all Peterbald and Donskoy cats are descendents of a cat names Varya.

    I also might add that like all oriental short hairs – due to their build, these cats are more agile than the average cat.

    Nice read,

    =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

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