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Peticide – The systematic destruction of pets by corporations for profit — 3 Comments

  1. I once worked for a vet who was more interested in profit than the pet and person. We got into a nasty confrontation one morning when the rest of the staff called in sick. There was only one Dr. and me to handle the surgeries, appointments and the front desk. I had several clients in the office to check in for appointments and surgery and the owner (who was and older vet) came in raging because I wasn’t answering the phones fast enough and he had to answer those I couldn’t get. I came out of my chair and let him have it, then told him to answer the phones, take a message as we were really short-handed and I’d get to them as fast as I could. He stomped back to his office and the clients cheered and said they would find another vet. Needless to say, so did I. I have found in my forty plus years in the business, that there are more vets who truly care about pets than not, but sometimes one has to really look for them. My last working years were spent in a cat practice with one of the best vets ever. And he has trained his replacements to be the same. I would take my furbabies to no one else.

  2. Corporations profit by you having a pet. Not for having the same pet. As long as you have a pet.

    On cats and claws. Your home will never stay perfect. If you want perfect never get married, have children or pets. If your furniture is worth mutilating a cat over you shouldn’t have pets.

    The eternal struggle to keep pets in their homes and to keep pets out of homes they should never have been brought into weighed by the horrors of mass euthanasia of surplus pets.

    • Yes, cat and dogs are ‘assets’ as far as corporations are concerned to be used for financial gain and the close bond between human and pet makes the market very durable.

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