Petition: Ban Cat Declawing (Amputation) In the United States

Petition: Ban Cat Declawing (Amputation) In the United States

by Finn Frode, Denmark

Here’s another petition in need of your signature. I think the following very clearly explains, why declawing is animal cruelty.

Most people do not recognize that Declawing is an extremely painful procedure which eliminates the claws by amputating part of the toes. To understand the procedure better it is identical to cutting all of your fingers off at the top knuckle.

This cruel procedure creates weeks of painful healing and ultimately effects the cat’s behavior permanently. In addition, should the cat ever leave the home it renders them absolutely defenseless.

Read more at the Care2 petitionsite and in case you haven’t already signed it, please do so – Now!

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Petition: Ban Cat Declawing (Amputation) In the United States

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May 07, 2012 Thanks
by: Leah (England)

Thanks Finn I’ve signed as well.

May 05, 2012 Thank you Finn
by: Ruth

Thank you Finn, I’ve signed and shared the petition.
I hope it has better luck than the one I started, we had over 4,000 signatures and I was devastated to lose some and the comments too when the site closed down and although I sent what we could salvage of it to someone over there who said she could use it, I heard no more.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 05, 2012 Signed
by: Barbara

Thank you for that Finn, I’ve signed and shared it,I hope they reach their target of 50,000 signatures.

Barbara avatar


Petition: Ban Cat Declawing (Amputation) In the United States — 2 Comments

  1. Its cruel to de claw and allot of places around here REQUIRE it to rent! rediculous! why, ido not know? just to save some carpet? i dont think so! the after effects are much worse and i REFUSE to put my cats through that kind of torture! thats my 2 cents…..PLEASE STOP THIS IN THE USA!!!



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