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Petition signatures needed to seek maximum sentence for animal-abusing NC couple — 46 Comments

  1. I had already signed but dear God I’m so heartbroken to hear of the story they are coming up with now and they are going to have 2 different cases. These people just make me sick. People just have to get involved and the laws have to get changed to protect the innocent that have no voice. To be that voice for them when someone does this to them. To speak up for them and say NO we are not going to tolerate this and let it go unpunished. That whoever harms a poor animal in anyway will pay big time and that there will be a count for each and everything they did to them and for each animal they did it to. Not just one or two things. They must be prosecuted to the absolute fullest extent of the law and be put behind bars just like any other law breaking crimson because what they are doing is criminal and sick and very unjust and painful to the animal and they do have rights and we must as a civilized society see to that their rights are protected just as any other living beings rights are. These acts of cruelty must end NOW!!!!

  2. There are no words to describe the torture that these two people need to experience. We really need to work on our animal laws and the time is now. There are no excuses for hurting animals that cannot defend themselves. There are enough of us that we may be able to have laws changed. People like group should never be near an animal or ever have one released to their care. She is still trying to make money this way. She has been doing it for years.

  3. This behavior is inexcusable…..There’s no reason they could take have go e to rescues instead of cruelly being dumped like meaningless trash who h they are not! Every life on this planet matters and people need to start to respect that!

  4. By the way everyone, Sugar was found dead after being attacked by an animal. Tamara bitch and her pencil dick boyfriend dumped a senior, declawed cat with few teeth who has been starving to death for two months. I hope to GOD they go to jail and someone forgets to feed them for 2 months!

  5. Message to Double Standards. I have deleted your idiotic comment and banned you. TNR is completely different to criminal animal abuse. For God’s sake get a grip on reality and get off the pills.

  6. They should have 16 counts each for each of the cats lives. It should be a felony, no misdemeanors. Those poor animals have suffered and I fear the ones still missing are dead. They all deserve justice.

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