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Petition To Allow Hunting of Feral Cats in Ohio — 86 Comments

  1. You all need to grow up. Feral cats are a problem and they need to be stopped. Plain and simple. They kill millions of wild animals everyday and if i recall you so animal lovers are against killing animals. The animals they are killing also are endangered. So you’re human but you hate the human race. Be appreciative for what god gave you. You people the bloggers on this site need to grow up. I’m an avid hunter myself, and yes I consider hunting a sport. Just like you PETA members see any other sport. You people make me sick. So ungrateful. “Save the animals” you say “Treat animals like humans!” You’re not even aware that animals are killing animals, and me personally I don’t have a problem with that. What’s you opinion on that? Probably some cockamamie excuse that animals do there own thing, and yes i’m going to make this comparison. When an animal kills another animal it’s no big deal, but when a human kills an animal, oh no! It’s so wrong is what you say. I respect your ethics, but it’s time to grow up. If the economy were to crash and there was no more food. What would you do? Grow something? I think not. You’re going to have to hunt for food. That means kill animals.

    • You say:

      “When an animal kills another animal itโ€™s no big deal, but when a human kills an animal, oh no! Itโ€™s so wrong is what you say.”

      You kill animals for pleasure. Animals kill for survival. That is the difference. You are one of those blind hunters who refuses to see the other point of view. You are a real problem to the world. It is not just about hunting. Your mentality is crude and it damages the world.

      Feral cats do prey on wildlife and it should be stopped – humanely – because humans created the feral cat. You miss that point and you lack insight and integrity. You are low grade. Sorry but it is true.

    • Sorry but we are fully educated on these matters. Feral cats can be a problem – yes, but the only way to deal with them is humanely which does not mean shooting them.

      It is you who needs to grow up. You are ill-educated on the matter of ethics and decent behavior.

  2. The ever-growing population of feral cats in the UK (and everywhere else that this inhumane practice has spread) ever since TNR was started in the UK is irrefutable proof that TNR is nothing but a self-deceptive lie — no matter how you try to twist facts to the contrary.

      • You are wrong Geoff. You are right Michael.
        There are fewer and fewer feral cats here in the UK thanks mainly to Cats Protection volunteers, TNR DOES work alongside education that neutering cats is very important.
        It’s the ever breeding selfish human causing the problems. What a shame we can’t TNR some of them!

        • Thank you Ruth for your support on this. Even in London I never see feral cats. There can’t be that many. I see wandering cats but they have homes and are domesticated; a completely different sort of cat.

          • As Feral Officers we used to get calls about feral cat colonies around once a month or so and when we knew where they were we persisted until all were TNR. Or if it was a dangerous place for them or there was no one to feed them, we’d relocats them to farms or smallholdings where they were welcomed as rodent catchers. Gradually the calls got less and now I know of only one colony in our area who Cats Protection volunteers still feed. As we have branches of CP all over the UK I expect it’s more or less the same in every place.
            There is no doubt about it, TNR DOES work, there is no need to kill the innocent creatures only out there because of the people who caused them to be forced to live wild.
            Come on cat lovers of the world, follow our example and stop those who only want an excuse to take life just because they can!

  3. TNR has worked in our country and it could work in the USA too if only more people would get out there and spend time catching feral cats, neutering and releasing the adults and keeping the kittens young enough to tame and find homes for. Having volunteered for Cats Protection when I was younger this is something we did every time we were informed of a feral colony. Yes it takes time, patience and dedication but it’s far better than killing innocent creatures who are only out there because of the ignorant and selfish people who turn their cats out un-neutered. Cats Protection also EDUCATE EDUCATE EDUCATE about the importance of neutering all cats.
    Killing ferals and strays does not solve the problem and never will as long as people treat cats like unwanted possessions to cast out when it pleases them.
    A neutered feral colony will eventually die out, they don’t live long lives, why take their lives, like us they only have one, they didn’t ask to be born as cats.
    Ever breeding humans are messing up this planet more and more and killing animals in various ways, hunting them, polluting the air, taking their habitat, they can’t see it will end in disaster for the entire human race. Why should those of us who care about animals and the environment suffer the carnage those ignorant or cruel people are causing?
    It seems to me not enough people in the USA are prepared to step forward and DO something, they lack passion and commitment and I feel very sorry for those people over there who DO care about lives being taken away so lightly.
    ‘Live and let live
    Do more!
    Live and HELP live.
    Do only to those below you
    As you would be done by those above you’

    PLEASE EVERYONE do this before it’s too late!

    • Ruth (Kattaddorra!), Trap, Neuter/Spay, Release. TNR is the acronym, for those who haven’t seen it before.

      Dr. Becky aka Dr. Rebecca Arnold is the one and only in Lincoln, NE who made darn sure that this TNR program was implemented here.

      I know, because I was one of many who took care of those feral, vulnerable felines. So, I thank you for what you have done in serving our vulnerable, denigrated felines, here in the city. You are a blessing to those of us who care! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thank you Caroline. I wish you had a Cats Protection over there, I’m sure those of you dedicated to caring for ALL cats would volunteer and having got together would make a HUGE difference. We have many branches and all run for volunteers by volunteer co-ordinators and it’s wonderful to work alongside like minded cat lovers. I loved doing Feral Officer along with my sister and we met some great people and had many success stories.
        There is no need to take life away from any sentient being and it’s wicked to do so when there is an alternative.
        You and the others who care over there are a blessing my friend, keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Ben I wasn’t attacking you personally. I would just like to know whether you did the petition because you hate feral cats or you enjoy hunting. I live where deer are everywhere and hunting is big here.

    And you are very much like our Woodsman. Your way with words is almost identical to his.

    I do want to thank you because your comments on the cat article will likely cause people to now read petitions before signing them. I totally agree its stupid to sign anything before understanding what you’re signing.

    Hope you’ll continue to visit PoC here. It’s interesting to hear from people who don’t see things as we do. You may actually enjoy commenting from time to time. Michael is very lenient in allowing comments as long as you stay polite.

    • Yes, it is true that I allow comments from people that I strongly disagree with.

      I do this because PoC is not a mutual admiration society (although I admire the regular visitors). It has to show the wide range of feelings and thoughts about cats from all sections of society so we can understand the welfare problems better.

      And if we criticise someone on the internet that person has a right to respond.

      • Maybe we can educate him on TNR.

        I just want to know whether he hates cats or loves hunting. Mandy men in my area would leave their wives if told they couldn’t go hunting.

        • Mandy men

          What does that mean?

          Yes, hunters are obsessed with their bloody rifles. I think the gun mentality in the USA desensitizes people as does sport hunting. It is uncivilized, disrespectful of all animals and a throwback to 1000 years ago when it meant something.

          In a parallel universe in which there were no guns in the USA and no hunting, it would be a far better country. That is a personal viewpoint of course and millions of Americans will disagree and I respect their views.

          • I rarely use a rifle to hunt. My preferred method of harvesting an animal is bow and arrow. Also I hunt to put food on our table. The bulk of the meat we eat is venison. Its healthy and its delicious. Michael, have you ever had fresh back strap that has been rolled in flour and fried. Bud you haven’t lived till you have.
            I’m also assuming you live in the U.K. Is that correct? You do realize that the gun culture in the U.S. has been around forever? It is that same culture that saved the U.K. in WWII. If it weren’t for gun toting Americans most of Europe would be speaking German right now. Hell you and I wouldn’t be having this conversation. I don’t speak German.

            • harvesting an animal

              Ben, please, never use that euphemism for killing an animal for pleasure or even for food. We are writing about animals that feel pain and have emotions and we have a duty to respect them. “Harvesting” animals is a way for hunters to deflect their guilt away from themselves – a silly human mind game. If you don’t feel guilty you should.

              • Who are you? Your going to tell me what I can or can’t do? Should I say?… I send a projectile through an animals heart and lungs. Or do you want me to say murder animals? That’s what you want. Isn’t it? I have a feeling you got picked on a lot as a kid. You couldn’t relate to people. Right? The only thing truly understood you were animals. Do you understand that we would be extinct if it weren’t meat. The human species wouldn’t have made it through our first winter.
                You folks crack me up. When a bear wanders into a persons yard and mauls the owner. The animal rights people defend the bear. They say the bear is just doing what it was meant to do. Well based on that logic…I am the apex predator. I have the ability to eradicate any animal I see fit. I choose not to because I have a soul and a conscience that tells me its not ok to kill indiscriminately. That’s what separates us from the animals. I’ve got news for you. Cats don’t have souls. They are animals. Life isn’t a Disney movie. Animals don’t talk. They don’t feel emotion. When you come home, they are happy because its time to eat. If you die alone in your home with your cat. Your cat will not sit around sad reminiscing about the great times you two have shared. It will lay down and take a nap. If enough time passes before you are found, your cat will get hungry and begin to eat you.

              • “Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.” (Genesis 9:3)

                • Oh my God, You are not one those are you? Please don’t quote text that was written 1200- 1500 years ago. This is the modern world not the world from which you have quoted. Please, Ben, live in today’s world. The Bible was written hundreds of years after the death of Jesus. It is 90% fiction for heaven’s sakes. Christianity is one of the world’s biggest poisons. All religions are dangerous and create problems. They are truly the opium of the masses and the are the cause of so much ridiculous conflict. Sorry if that is hard to digest but sadly it is true. Just look at history.

              • So it’s ok to say something I believe in is false and hollow. Yet everybody has to believe in what you stand for and if they don’t they are wrong. I’m having a hard time with that one. I sense some hypocrisy. When people like Caroline speak for your cause its hard to take it seriously. She really seems unstable. Maybe she does have some sort of condition. If she does that would explain a lot. At this point I am really struggling with my choice to close the petition. I feel like I have caved to a bunch of fanatics. It’s hard to have a debate when one side is completely intolerant of the others view. I can admit what parts of your arguement may have merit. You can’t seem to give my view point any thought at all. Going so far as to mock my spirituality.
                One other thing you have wrong is the legality of killing cats. I welcome you to call the Wayne County Sheriffs dept. I was told by a deputy that any animal that poses threat to you or your property can legally be put down with a firearm. My dog is my property. So the next time a feral cat attacks one of my dogs. I would be legally within my right to dispatch that ditch tiger with extreme prejudice.

        • I know a lot of men that hunt. I know very few that would leave their wife over it though. For the record I love hunting.

          • Ben look up state law for where you live as far as killing any animal who threatens you or your property. Many pertain to livestock only or if a person was under a viscious attack. You should know from all my articles now to believe police anymore.

            • 959.04 Trespassing animals.
              Sections 959.02 and 959.03 of the Revised Code do not extend to a person killing or injuring an animal or attempting to do so while endeavoring to prevent it from trespassing upon his enclosure, or while it is so trespassing, or while driving it away from his premises; provided within fifteen days thereafter, payment is made for damages done to such animal by such killing or injuring, less the actual amount of damage done by such animal while so trespassing, or a sufficient sum of money is deposited with the nearest judge of a county court or judge of a municipal court having jurisdiction within such time to cover such damages. Such deposit shall remain in the custody of such judge until there is a determination of the damages resulting from such killing or injury and from such trespass. Such judge and his bondsmen shall be responsible for the safekeeping of such money and for the payment thereof as for money collected upon a judgment.

              This states I may have to pay restitution for the value of the animal but the owner may be required to pay damages to me.

              I would feel pretty comfortable shooting a tresspassing under the direction of a game official or law enforcement officer.

              • Remember… I live in the county where an animal activist went under cover on a hog farm to get film of them hanging lame hogs. The guy got his video and managed to get a prosecuter from another county to try convicting the farmer of animal cruelty. The result? It was determined that hanging hogs was an acceptable form of euthanasia. Also it was brought up that shooting the hogs was acceptable also. Wait a minute… Don’t people keep pigs as pets?

              • Firstly I am simply expressing my opinion about the Bible. Many people agree with me. You cannot rely on that to justify killing animals for sport. The Taleban quote the Koran as justification for killing for non-believers.

                Secondly, killing cats under the law you have quoted is heavily conditional upon damages being paid. That is a big condition which very few people comply with so they are in breach of the law and criminals.

                Ben if you can’t take legitimate criticism then go somewhere else – a God fearing hunting site for example where they will pat you on the back and say how wonderful you are.

              • I believe I mentioned restitution to the owner. That’s assuming an owner can be found. In most cases I would bet an owner would not be found. If owner could be found they may also be responsible for restitution to me.

              • Alright, Ben. I am replying to this comment, when I really wanted to reply to your comment way above.

                I don’t hunt. I don’t even fish. I do eat meat.

                Meat that is “harvested” by the most human means that I know. The slaughter of steers and cows is abhorrent, in the manner that most humans take as acceptable, across the meat counter.

                Is that your point? If so, then why would you say that you have no feeling for a helpless kitten? I beg of you, to give me your honest answer on this.

        • I meant many men. I was holding my Mandy and trying to type ๐Ÿ™‚

          One of the talk show hosts here said men like to hunt because they like to capture things. I’d never thought of it like that.

        • Elisa, you are kind when it is warranted. I don’t know personally you feel about “critters” like Ben. I say “citters,” because I have often been maligned socially due to my type of autism. My cats have always loved me unconditionally. As did my German Shepherd, Henry. (though, he required more training)

          My point in commenting to this, is that, I suspect that this “Ben” has been often persecuted as a child into adulthood. [Ben?] Much as I was.

          He probably could really bond with an kitten who needs rescuing. I don’t know. It’s just a thought…

          • Sorry. I entered that without adding this: My cats, dog got along well with the possums and raccoons that would show up in the kitchen just off of the deck door that I would leave open at night. Even the huge garter snake that I stepped on, coiled in front of the kitchen sink while attempting to make my cappuccino at 5am, (Orchard St. property-one acre). I’ve rescued poor little bat, baby opossums hanging from the shower curtain rod in the main floor bath. I love them all. I’ve put a bullet to the head of a doe, lying alongside the interstate 29. I couldn’t save her. She was suffering. Her fawn was there. Can you imagine what that felt like? Ben?

            I’m rambling. sigh…

    • The petition was started as a way to prove that people sign anything without reading. People that were strongly opposed to the killing of cats signed this thing. They saw the word petition and put their name on it. That’s frightening.
      As for cats? I am indifferent towards them. While I wouldn’t go out of my way to hurt one, they are a problem where I live. I live in a rural area and cats get dropped of out here all the time. These cats end up becoming feral over time. Then I have to deal with the consequences when they injure one of our family pets. Our poor Boxer has scars from feral cats. So I can see a value in lowering the population.
      I doubt I will post much here in the future.
      Elisa..I am curious. Why does it bother you that land owners and military personnel don’t need to purchase a hunting license?

      • It doesn’t bother me. That was listed in the law and I just quoted it to give the bigger picture. It was just part of what I looked up and I included it. I know about licenses because I LOVE to fish. I just need a fishing partner to get the fish off the hook for me. LOL.

        It was like in the cat article where I listed the laws the humane officer broke. There were several there that didn’t pertain to him but I wanted to list them as a group.

        Like I said, people hunt all around where I live.

        And I’d never say anything against religion. I’m Church of God myself. You’ll just find cat lovers are a bit of everything on here. We have Christians, athiests, Moslem. We all try to respect each other for love of the cats.

        • Elisa, thanks. You seem like like a nice enough person. An attitude like yours will go a lot farther in furthering your cause. To the others on here…for people that like to consider themselves tolerant and compassionate, you seem like very judgmental and confrontational people. Your attitudes towards others opposing viewpoints do nothing but strengthen the resolve of those who don’t agree with you. Caroline you are easily one of the most horrid creatures if have ever dealt with in my entire life. The “little boy” comment has accomplished one thing. I want to see this petition succeed more than ever. For no other reason than to spite you.

          • you seem like very judgmental and confrontational people

            Sorry Ben but you like to shoot cats because you have a petition that supports it. That is an attitude that is totally against everything I stand for and this website. It is impossible for me to be nice to you. If you come on this site with your attitude you have to accept criticism and be judged and confronted as far as I am concerned. You cannot expect anything else. Put your Bible and rifle away and think about the pain and distress a cat goes through when it is shot. You love hunting. Anyone who loves hunting should hate me because I hate them.

            I am amazed that you can find fault.

            • I came on to explain the initial reason I made my petition. Go back read my earlier post and the petition. You will see the primary reason I made the petition. Have fun.

          • i also do lost dog articles. and lots of military dog articles. I did one the other day and the dog was located 7 hrs after the article went online. My military slideshows are getting a lot of hits. I also do family articles about bullying and the connection between cdv and animal cruelty. So I’m all over the place. This is my newest. another dog killed by police http://www.examiner.com/article/off-duty-scott-county-corrections-officer-fired-for-killing-family-dog

          • Ben, I have to agree with you. When I was a newbie Stateside animal lover here, I felt stepped on by none other than the very few that Michael keeps at “the top of his list.” (I don’t know how else to term it.)

            I won’t name names. I am still “awaiting moderation,” all of the time, which is very difficult, but probably deserved.

            I’ve spent alot of time with other U.S. veterans in domiciliaries and treatment facilities. Many of them are avid hunters. Who could blame them? It makes me cringe internally, but I try not to show it, because I respect them. And then, in my shy way, as a female, I truly do try to convey my perspective.

            Btw, I don’t blame the Bobcat for being a Bobcat. I blame the humans who stupidly think that they have a right to bear offspring. ๐Ÿ™‚

            • And, you know? I chose to have one child. Probably because my best friend was under Chairman Mao.

              I see far too many males and females here in the states, who think that they have a right to welfare, their addictions, and giving birth to those poor unfortunate children. It breaks my heart. Our government is not taking the correct approach. Those who are within the “system” dealing with these families, know all too well. Then they end up getting calloused or hurt and burned out. Again, sorry for ranting.

        • You know I don’t like religion particularly when it is quoted as a reason for shooting cats and other animals as is the case with Ben. I feel I am justified in making a comment about it because Ben raised the subject.

  6. Public Service Announcement (PSA):

    The Time Is Now:

    Half-past Kill Kitty O’Clock

    Do you know where your cat it?


  7. What you ****** don’t even realize, that petition or not, it’s STILL legal to shoot all feral cats in all of the USA.


    And what I’ve also found out recently, is that it is ALSO legal in the UK! Check into your local laws about ways that it is humanely legal to kill any domestic animal on your own property. If it were NOT legal, you wouldn’t even exist today!!!

    Word is spreading FAST!

    • But, do you consider what you are saying here? I have no idee if what you say is true or not. What I care about is that those kittens were innocent. They did not deserve to die because of some inane, insensitive, macho police officer. Does that not mean anything to you, Ben? (pls comment?)

  8. Elisa, I listen to everything that You say. Every one hitting this website should, I think. Thank you again, for what you did ystrday, and today. -CMG

  9. I would like to add. At no point have I actively campaigned for support of this petition. Yes..I have posted it in a venue where I knew it had little chance of support. My main aim was to prove that people don’t always read things through before they take action or speak. I don’t really care if people hunt feral cats or not. I hunt. It’s something I have done all my life and will continue to do for the rest of my days. I know there is little hope of us finding any common ground on this issue. I respect all of your opinions and hope you would do the same for me. I have achieved my goal for this petition. Rather than accuse me of tricking people into signing the petition. You should be more concerned that people actually signed it without reading it. That is a dangerous thing to do.
    My proposal is this. I will remove the petition. But if I find that I am being insulted or attacked on forums, I will make a new petition. I will then post it in venues where I know it will garner plenty of support. This is my attempt to extend an olive branch. Like I said we all have opinions that we feel strongly about. I do believe feral cats are a problem. The ODOW has said as much also. TNR ,in my opinion, may not be the answer. We have vastly different view points. I know there is little chance we will find any sort of common ground on this issue. I don’t really have the time to carry the torch for the hunting of cats. Although if I see another person take a post of mine and post it out of context and then make personal assumptions about me… Well then I may find the time and energy to make this my personal crusade.

    • “. I donโ€™t really care if people hunt feral cats or not. I hunt.”

      You, perhaps, Ben (where do you live–too chicken to give any information about yourself?–what is your full name. Hmmm? Can’t reveal?

      You are nothing more than a low-life , Redneck, slimy human who has no business living on this planet. I eat rednecks like you for lunch. The only lunch that is I truly relish. let’s see if I can’t find you.

      • Caroline if you would like my address I will send it to you. I hide from no one. I saw that my city, state, and full name have already been posted in the preceding article. Didn’t think it was necessary to post again. My full name is also on the petition.
        As for my personality… I am a Virgo. I like movies, old music, and love my family. I read occasionally and enjoy gardening.
        So let me know. I will give you that address if you need it. Please also note that I don’t threats lightly.

    • My proposal is this. I will remove the petition

      I look forward to it.

      I don’t think Elisa insulted you. She just wrote an article about a petition that is obnoxious to her and to people who respect animals. She thought you might be Woody because the petition is the sort of thing he would do. He is famous for shooting cats.

      Caroline is feisty and I am sorry if she insulted you. I publish her comments because people need sometimes to express emotions. Emotions and feelings are a big part of us and a lot of people are angry for all kinds of reasons.

      For my part I just dislike you for what you do. It is not a personal thing.

    • In that case please get rid of your stupid petition that advocates indecency and inhumane behavior towards the cat. In the UK you’d probably be arrested for conspiracy to commit animal cruelty or inciting violent disorder and animal cruelty.

            • Ben, one thing you do which for me makes you unpleasant is that you like hunting and advocate hunting cats. That mentality is so alien to me and shows a disregard for decent behavior in relation to animals.

              • You would be shocked just how much I do care about animals. Sometimes those animals need to be managed. Hunting is and always will a management tool used by wildlife agencies. But this is one place where you and I will not find any sort of consensus. So its probably best left alone.

                • I wish you would try and do a bit of “human management” and culling because they are by far the biggest killers of wildlife. They are in an entirely different league to all other animals. I am not referring to sport hunting but human breeding and residential and commercial expansion that pushes out wildlife. Sport hunters justify their activities by claiming they conserve wildlife. It is a neat but rather sick and circuitous argument. It is a botched argument because the true argument is how to manage humankind.

              • While I value all life…I place more value on a human life. That’s the way I believe god intended it. Humans are going to continue to tame this world. There is no way around it. I would hope at some point you may be able to appreciate what hunters do contribute to wildlife conservation. I promise you. If you take all money from hunting related activities out of the coffers of the wildlife agencies. You wouldn’t any wildlife agencies. They would be broke and cease to exist. Then you would return to a time of very little wildlife left.

  10. I am the author of the petition. First off I would like to say I tricked no one into signing my petition. They signed a petition that clearly states its aim. This is on them. If possible I will gladly remove their name from the petition. It does serve as a reminder that people need to read before they sign. Secondly feral cats are a problem in many areas. The wreak havoc on wildlife. Have any of you seen the statistics? While I don’t think they should be eradicated. The numbers could be reduced with responsible management through hunting. I would like to see how I tricked anyone into signing my petition.

    • Have any of you seen the statistics?

      Statistics in relation to feral cats are highly unreliable and often biased as they can be formulated by scientists biased in favour of birds and against cats. Don’t believe a thing you read on how feral cats kill wildlife.

      How you can advocate the shooting of feral cats is beyond me. People caused the feral cat population. Why not do something about irresponsible people rather than the victims of their irresponsibility? And what about the pain of being shot? And the cruelty of shooting cats – any cats. You totally miss these points. You are a cruel and unpleasant person.

      • I am not going to get into a debate that’s going to devolve into a bunch of insults. If you want to debate the merits of the petition I will gladly participate.
        I have personally witnessed feral cats tearing up bunny nests. They don’t even eat the poor things. The cats just toture them, then move on.
        I agree. People are the ones to blame for the problem. I have my pets fixed. Is it possible that we may have reached the point where TnR isn’t going to solve the problem? TNR can keep the population from growing but it doesn’t help decrease the over population problem.

        • TNR can keep the population from growing but it doesnโ€™t help decrease the over population problem.

          Wrong. Plain and simple. If all cats are neutered then the population has to decline. Common sense dictates. I am not insulting you. I am stating an obvious fact based on what you desire.

            • It will take ages. We have to think long term. In the meantime people can stop tearing up the landscape and destroying wildlife habitat and wildlife, at a rate that far exceeds the predation by feral cats, if they want to speed up wildlife conservation in the USA.

              • Michael you and I could debate this all day long. The rate at which habitat is being lost is alarming. I would like to challenge you though. Take some time to read about organizations like Ducks Unlimited. D.U. invests large amount of time and money to the conservation of wetlands. Take some time and read about the history of deer hunting in Ohio. You will find at one time deer were essentially extinct in Ohio. It was outdoorsmen that helped make it possible for deer to be reintroduced into the state. We now have more deer in Ohio than at any other time in human history. For me to be able to hunt I have to buy various permits and tags. The money raised from those sales allows the state to purchase thousands of acres of land. That land is then used for the preservation of wildlife. Most of that land may otherwise be lost to development.

    • The numbers are climbing rapidly. A lot of people are really upset by this. However, I would be surprised if anything changed because, sadly, the police defend their position.

  11. Elisa could you please post or pass on to Michael to post here, the links to all the petitions to stop the shooting of feral cats so I can share them with UK troops. I’ve been looking at Change.org but can only find old closed petitions.
    Why on earth do some people want to kill animals, they must be sick in their heads to take lives for fun and it’s worrying they try to convince other people that they it’s the best thing to do and more worrying that some people might believe them.
    TNR is proved to work, killing does NOT work, but people like Woody won’t admit it.
    So those people HAVE to be stopped!

    • It’s depressing. I can’t stand it. Very sad. To think that people created the problem and now they want to turn it into a sport. I wish humans couldn’t reproduce anymore.

      • Yes, I agree with you and many people would agree also. Humans are truly a disease or a plague on the planet but most people are not enlightened enough to recognise it. They are too self-interested. That sounds very strong but mainstream biologists are beginning to agree, it seems to me.

        • every animal kills and humans are the only living thing that takes into consideration how it kills. Wolves being the most savage killers I have ever witnessed and people are the most considerate. That’s just the way it is.
          I don’t hunt but as an econ officer, I am in close contact with everything out there and have seen the truth.

          As for the cats, there is no petition for hunting of feral cats being introduced in the state of Ohio.

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