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Petition to remove ban on Anaheim residents feeding feral cats — 17 Comments

  1. I am out raged at the thought that innocent animals are being abused with this crazy law. Don’t they realize that it is Starving animals that are the ones who will bring/catch dieases that their law is trying to prevent. I understand population control is in order but fix and release programs have proven much more cost effective. I am so saddened for the caring people that much chose between jail time or feeding their pets.

  2. Several years ago we started feeding stray cats. We never had any problems with them and they be came friendly enough to pet. After awhile we noticed four that had their ears notched so over a period of time we took them to be checked and adopted them. Our area was incorporated and suddenly it was a problem. We could no longer feed them and local Animal control would trap them also we would have to have our cats given shots and register them. That’s when the real problems started. Animal control never tried to trap them so they started wondering off to fine food which several were killed then we started feeding them. Two cats died from the shots. Currently we were reported but not ticketed, probably because they had not done their job. We were instructed not to feed them and they would trap them but instead of taking them to a no-kill they were going to be destroyed We are sick over this whole thing because we have to go through the shots again as well as how the others are being treated and it seems there is nothing we can do.

  3. Dee: You raise some very interesting points and concerns.

    It never occurred to me that even if the animal authories in the US institute a TNR programme, that they could easily reverse that decision at any time. It’s a very real concern that they would use details of registered cats to round them up for euthanasia. That alone would make me too suspicious to register any cats I fed and I would have real concerns for their safety outdoors.

    We don’t have Animal Control authorities in the UK, so all TNR programmes are run by animal welfare charities and rescues. Apart from the RPSCA, most shelters operate a no-kill policy and with not enough room to house all the homeles cats, TNR or TNVR is seen as a happy compromise.

    We need more US authorities to wake up to the fact that there is no alternative to TNR which has proven to be as effective and humane.

  4. I, actually, feel that the attitudes toward feral/stray cats are improving. More and more TNR programs are being initiated. The most successful ones are those managed by independent rescue groups and not any city/county shelter or animal control.

    It seems that what Anaheim wants is to have feral colonies registered under their own animal shelter program and created this code to sort of force caretakers to do that.

    It won’t work. First, caretakers will not stop feeding unless under gunfire. Secondly, caretakers will not register with a kill shelter because they don’t trust them. It’s the wolf in charge of the henhouse situation. City and county officials are notorious when it comes to changing their minds. They could discontinue the current TNR program at any time and animal control would be rounding up cats because they know where they are.

    The best thing that could happen would be for the shelter to relinquish control of the TNR program to a private group. It works that way here and in many other places. The county shelter and animal control are not privy to the location of any colonies or the identities of caretakers. It makes for a much safer situation.

  5. I agree with all that’s been said, and have posted on FB, and on my local BB, and StrayPetNetwork. I do hope they get enough signatures.

    We can help with sharing and signatures!

    A few minutes of our time can save these feral lives.

  6. It is a shame your city is known to be cruel to animals, no animal deserves to starve . Maybe I intimate a trap and neuter program and shots and that could fix the problem.

  7. J. Martin I agree with everything you’ve said.

    To create a law forbidding people from feeding stray or feral cats is cruel and inhumane. Instead the authorities should introduce mandatory microchipping and prosecute the people who created the stray and feral population by abandoning their pets.

    Why is compassion being criminalised in so many areas of the USA? It’s not just feeding stray cats that can get you into trouble now. Only last year 90 year old Arnold Abbott was arrested in Florida for feeding homeless people. It seems the less fortunate in society (and those who to try to help them) are becoming targets of the authorities. As though removing them is somehow going to make the world a better place.

  8. I think that any place (regardless of where it’s located) should NEVER have any law that makes it illegal to feed a feral or stray. Places that have such a stupidly, ridicules law show their ignorance and lack of compassion. It’s disgusting these laws exist!! Instead of giving grief to people who do it .. they should be praising them.
    First off .. people who do it are giving up THEIR time to help some poor, innocent animal who are just trying to survive. People that do it are spending THEIR OWN $ or $ that’s donated to them to do that.
    Secondly .. It’s NOT LOGICAL to be illegal. They feed these animals and protect the habitat/lives of other species. These ferals (if fed) are less likely to say kill birds for example. And if they help keep down a rodent population that is a benefit as well.
    Thirdly … What these individuals are doing shows compassion, empathy, sympathy, respect. love, caring for another species. Those qualities should NOT be illegal because of feeding a stray/feral.
    Fourth …. They want to make something ILLEGAL try putting animal abusers away. Arrest real criminals (rapists, abusers, murderers, thieves, terrorist. Or people who are selling drugs, illegal weapons etc.)
    It shows the total stupidity of any government/law enforcement/justice system that wastes tax payers $ on charging, convicting, putting anyone “feeding a stray cat(s)” on trial. I mean REALLY!!!???? Put a real criminal away for Christ sake. Make the world a better place you bunch of useless pricks!! Stop giving these people GRIEF!!!!!
    Sorry for the long post … BUT anyone who has this type of STUPIDLY, USELESS law and enforces it ..just PISSES me OFF!!!

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. Any decent, sensible person would agree with you.

      Instead of giving grief to people who do it .. they should be praising them

      Why does government want to criminalise decent people? There is a definite difference in opinion between government and a large section of society who are compassionate and caring. Government is generally run by alpha men. They are not know for their caring attitude.

  9. I see this as part of a gradual change in the attitude of the American authorities in many states towards the feral cat. The attitude is hardening. There are other places where this sort of law has been created.

    I don’t know who is lobbying for these changed. As usual there are polarised views between the people in power and the people who care about animal welfare.

    One difficulty is deciding what is and what is not a feral cat. I don’t know how they have sorted that out.

    It is not a cut and dried situation. Many cats are semi-feral or simply roaming, slightly wild domestic cats with homes.

    Thanks for the article Elisa.

    • There is NO WAY anyone will tell me I can’t feed stray or feral cats on my own property. This just shows how far reaching the government wants to influence our everyday lives.

        • Michael I have a video on YouTube right now that has almost 30000 hits in one day of a police officer attempting to arrest a dog for sitting in a parked vehicle. The owner told the officer her dog had done nothing, wasn’t at large and no, he would not be taking her dog to doggy jail.

          • The world’s gone mad. There is a shift in opinion about cats and dogs on the street unattended. It is happening in Australia too. I think the change comes from the top: big business and politicians. The people have different opinions often.

            In the UK we don’t mind free-roaming cats. We never see feral cats. If they are there they are hiding well.

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