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Petition to revoke the veterinary license of Kristen Lindsey — 8 Comments

  1. If you truly care about the well-being of animals, then destroying free-roaming cats is the most humane thing to do of all options available (even for the cats themselves).

    Destroy any one invasive-species cat = save the lives of thousands of native animals. That’s the TRUE suffering-animal equation. Saving them from being tortured to death by being disemboweled-alive or skinned-alive and left to suffer to death, or their offspring left to starve to death after the parents are killed or after cats have destroyed all of their ONLY food-sources — and all done to NATIVE animals that actually belong here by just ONE invasive-species cat.

    It appears that this admirable veterinarian understood this. While all the other scum-of-the-earth veterinarians gleefully rub their hands together thinking about their bank-accounts — just waiting for someone to bring in the next almost-dead road-kill cat or loser in a TNR territorial battle so they can line their pockets with cash from almost-dead and suffering cats from criminally-negligent pet-owners.

    Would you like me to tell you in grisly detail about the thousands of poor suffering animals on my lands, their screeches drawing my attention every day, my having to drive-off a cat that just attacked it, and then stomping that poor animal to death with my own boot to hush its torment caused by YOUR cats? This was a daily occurrence for nearly 2 decades. My driveways used to be lined with the senseless writhing and screeching carnage of YOUR cats’ play-toys every morning. Perhaps you need to feel and hear the sound of a small animal’s skull pop beneath your own foot for 2 decades, every day, until you “get it”. People (if I can use that term) like you disgust me. Why senseless and useless animal-torturing things like you were ever even born is a mystery to me. If you believe in karma then you’ll deserve to die just as inhumanely as you let all your cats torture all other animals to death — by being gutted-live or skinned-alive, then your hoping like heII that something will come along to put you out of your misery too. But it won’t be me who saves you from your much-deserved and well-earned karmic death. I wouldn’t even risk dirtying my boots with your unused gray-matter — I’d just keep on walking, to a far far better day and let you scream yourself to death.

    If you want to end the slow torturous deaths of thousands of animals, you must begin with destroying any one free-roaming cat, NO MATTER HOW YOU HAVE-TO ACCOMPLISH THAT.

    (p.s. I suggest you read the post where I listed the laws in Texas regarding this issue. She is not guilty of anything but following the law. Whereas you can all be sued and thrown in jail for your behaviors against a law-abiding person.))

    • My driveways used to be lined with the senseless writhing and screeching carnage

      Sounds like a slight exaggeration to me or you are living in a war zone.

      At least you refrained using swear words and insulting people. Well done Woody.

    • Seems to me you have “issues”. Take what you just wrote to your next Therapy session, there is enough there to keep your Psychiatrist in work for a lifetime.

  2. She hasn’t been found guilty yet in a Court of Law, it is too soon. She is unlikely to get a job with another veterinary practice now that she is so infamous (unless she changes her name). I just hope that the “Veterinary Medical Examiners” get to the bottom of this during their investigation and have the power to apply the appropriate punishment.

    • I agree that is a little too soon and the point you make is a good one: at the moment she is unemployable as a vet so in effect she is banned. I have a bad feeling that the whole thing will fizzle out and she will recommence work but at that time revoking her license should be considered.

  3. I don’t think the petition is too early, because I’m hoping that the huge public support may, have a positive influence on the outcome of the Texas Veterinary Board’s verdict.

    Ms Lindsey is an insult to all those vets who euthanise sick pets and unwanted animals in shelters every day and suffer emotionally for it. They derive no pleasure from those animal’s deaths, whereas Ms Lindsey was positively joyful to have killed one in such a gruesome way.

    The public outcry is having effects elsewhere. The web site for the Washington Animal Clinic has had it’s account suspended. Probably flooded with messages calling for the dismissal of those other members of staff who liked that FB photo and posted jokey comments about it. The Google reviews page for the clinic now has a rating of 1.4 so I suspect they may have to “re-brand” themselves and set up in a new location.

  4. I agree,it is not too soon and if that bagel doesnt do jail time ye can be rest assured she will never work in another animal hospital again,the AR Movement will make dam sure of that,now on another note it has been said her parents are back in Wyoming but Kristen herself may have left the country and if she did it wont work because her face has been plastered Globally but my gut tells me she is with her parents and may be in hiding,even the community they are from are in shock and dismayed because she has put a black eye not only in the veterinarian circle but also where she is from!

  5. No, I don’t believe that the petition is too soon.
    She should not touch another animal in her brief lifetime (it sounds eerie, but she may be the victim of an arrow though her own face someday; from what I’m reading, people are irate).
    On the chance that this is a fabrication, a joke of some sort, she’s sicker than imaginable and should seek a safe haven for the remainder of her life.

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