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Petmate Giant Litter Pan For Big Cats Review

Giant Litter Box Can Be Bought Here!

This litter box is specifically designed for simple cleaning and has several compartments on the side of the box. Probably the largest box you will find on the market, this litter box is 35″ by 20″ by 10 inches high. A full grown child could probably fit in this box and two or three cats could probably lounge in this litter box and use it for a bed if it did not have litter in it.

You can store your litter scoop and your bags in the compartments for easy access or anything that you want to store in them for ease of cleaning the litter box which I recommend doing. Each litter box should be at least one room apart to prevent resource guarding in multiple cat households so it prevents having to carry your scoop everywhere with you. I do wish they made a version of the box without the compartments so people had a choice. This box features microban technology which will prevent stain and odor accumulation.

I first recommended this box for a client who had a cat who continually missed every single litter box I recommended. The cat would end up missing the box with urine and feces which was a problem until they got this box which fixed that problem. So perhaps the most desirable part of this box is that it is gigantic and features a large wall design for preventing scatter. Many litter boxes are simply too small which lead to litter scatter and cats missing the box nearly every time. A cat who is known for peeing vertically outside of the box while standing will benefit from this box. Some cats may still miss at which point I recommend the Nvr Miss Litter Box.

Litter Box Advantages And Disadvantages

This box is designed in the United States with high standards for preventing bacteria growth. It has convenient compartments built into the box asp previously stated, high sides which prevents scatter, and holds more than 30 pounds of cat litter or more. I can fit 40 pounds of the cat litter I use into the box. I feel like this box will save you cat litter per year because the cat litter is spread out amongst a large surface area rather than being concentrated in just one area.

You will see much less urine clumps that have reached the bottom if you use quality cat litter and not cheap litter that either turn into concrete once urine hits it or just falls apart which are two extremes that are best avoiding all together for an easy scooping. I have three of them that I often use for my cat rescue and they have held up extremely well over time. I do recommend that cat owners routinely replace their boxes if they do become stinky.

I recommend changing out lower quality boxes once per year but I think changing out this box once every two or three years is sufficient. You can buy this awesome box on discount at Amazon by clicking here now. On top of the yearly litter box change – thoroughly cleaning and scrubbing the box every month or every other month will expand the longevity of the box. Even if you dump the clean litter into another container for the sake of cleaning the box then switching it back over.


  • Great for cats who miss the box
  • Awesome for large cat breeds
  • Saves cat litter and time scooping
  • Very durable and will last years
  • Microban technology reduces smell
  • Grip friendly
  • Prevents litter scatter

This box is large enough for any domestic cat including the Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat to enter. The ideal litter box is described as being 1.5 times the length of the cat which is the reason that so many boxes fall short of my recommendation list that I update every quarter. I always feel for the cat when an owner is trying to make a Maine Coon use a box that is half of the cat’s length. Also remember that you need one box per cat plus one to prevent litter box issues such as avoidance. The cost of this box is very fair when compared to other litter boxes once you consider the features which come with this box.

The box is very grip friendly and easy to move despite it holding a whole 30 pounds of cat litter. There are only a few legitimate downsides to this box that I can think of is that it would not be good for small kittens or senior animals and that the two holes on the side can be a hindrance rather than a helpful feature. This is because cat litter will eventually end up in those pockets. The box is gigantic which will make hiding the litter box from your house guests an impossible feat. But I personally do not care if people see where my cat goes potty at.


  • Some senior cats may have issues
  • Kittens may play in the litter box
  • You may get litter in the compartments
  • Cannot hide this litter box from guests

Senior animals may develop arthritis or joint pain as they reach their geriatric years so you might consider a big box with smaller sides for them rather than this box. Or you can switch as your cats age. Some kittens may think this is a sandbox to play in so you may need to monitor that habit and change back to this box once they grow up or if you can provide an alternative to this. Not every senior cat will have these problems so you can wait and see. Having multiple types of litter boxes available is always the best thing to do for your cats.

Litter Boxes To Avoid

Now that I covered the best litter box you can use, I want to cover the boxes you should try to avoid briefly if you do not have a reason to need them. Hooded litter boxes and automatic litter boxes are best avoided if you want to avoid inappropriate urination issues. However – I have written reviews on some of the best hooded and automatic boxes that you can get if you insist on using one.

Big Perks From a Big Box

I currently use an automatic litter box along with three normal boxes that I clean regularly. Having one automatic box ensures there is always somewhere clean to go if my schedule runs way off track. My thinking has always been as a cat behaviorist that if it works and you have no issues – great, then do not break it. If your litter box setup is not working then you need to change some things.

Hooded boxes can have the potential of making a cat feel trapped since they cannot view their entire environment while going to the litter box which can cause stress or anxiety. Urine typically will dry slower in a hooded box and hooded boxes tend to retain odor inside of the box rather than letting it outside of the box which is good for humans but can dissuade the cat from using them. You do not want your litter box to smell like porta potty at a music festival after everyone else has already used it. A box with a 360 view or at least a great forward view is recommended.

Automatic litter boxes can be loud and activate at inconvenient times which can scare your cat and result in the cat not using the box reliably. This box is the worst choice for cats who are timid or shy by nature. I only ever recommend the Litter Robot Open Air 3 for automatic litter box enthusiasts.

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