Pets are now allowed at Houston evacuee shelters in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

According to an August 28 update by Alley Cat Allies, Houston evacuee shelters in the path of flood damage by Hurricane Harvey are now accepting pets.

(911 Foster Pets)
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Their website announced

“Pets are now allowed at Houston evacuee shelters in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, thanks to a decision made by the city’s mayor, Sylvester Turner, and Harris County Judge Ed Emmett Sunday night.

Alley Cat Allies applauds this decision as we continue to work with Feral Friends and our network, providing resources and grants to assist them in saving cats’ lives. Donate to help support our efforts in Texas.

Texas officials announced that pets are allowed in certain shelters to persuade people to evacuate in areas hardest hit by the hurricane. According to a local ABC TV station, here’s a list of emergency shelters in Houston and the surrounding areas, including those that allow pets.

In addition, Gallery Furniture, at its I-45 North location (6006 North Freeway, Houston), is welcoming people who need shelter and has put out a call for kennels so it can accommodate pets.”

Officials in the Dallas area are preparing to receive tens of thousands of evacuees and FEMA has verified as many as 30,000 people may be forced into shelters.

Unfortunately, Red Cross shelters don’t allow pets, so people are scrambling to try to not only save themselves, but their pets as well.

If you have connections in Texas & Southwest Louisiana please remind people to put contact info on their pets. Pets, as well as people, DO get seperated during emergency evacuations.

Also, unchain animals and open any kind of pens or coops that have animals in them. Animals are drowning because the owner didn’t take the time to release them. Pets that seperated will be shipped across the United States to any rescues or fosters able to take them. Being sure they can be identified only way they’ll be reunited. 

In an attempt to accomodate animals that can’t evacuate with their family, Louisiana and Texas shelters moved animals already up for adoption to cities like Atlanta. A truck carrying 29 dogs and cats arrived Saturday morning in the first of what will be many trips from flooded areas to Westside Atlanta Humane Society facility on Howell Mill Road.

If you can help the pets in any way, this is a good website to check out.

Please keep those in the flood victims (animals as well as people) in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you, Mayor Turner, for making the important decision to allow family pets to stay with their family.


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Photo taken from 911fosterpets website. I’m unsure who posted this originally or whether it’s from Hurricane Harvey

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    • What I read here is that it is far from over. There will be more rain I believe. There will be billions of dollars worth of clear up work on rebuilding to do.


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