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“Pets on the Couch” by Dr. Nicholas H Dodman, BVMS DACVB: Book Review — 8 Comments

  1. We have a cat suffering PTSD from our house fire. She is slowly learning to cope with her home and new scents and sounds. It had to be hard for her to be brought up in a home for her whole life and then ripped from that home, live 6 days at the vet office and then placed in a totally alien Apartment with no smalls of home. This book sounds interesting. Thanks for the information.

    • I am sorry to read your story. I feel sorry for your cat. It must have been very traumatic. Your comment has motivated me to think about doing an article about feline PTSD. Thank you for commenting.

  2. Because I can no longer afford books, either online or in paper form, I have not read Dr. Dodman’s work, but his thoughts echo mine completely. In my background, we have always loved cats as family members, and regarded members of other species as being of equal esteem and value to humans. Of course cats are trying to tell their human loved ones something — it’s up to their caregivers to be thoughtful and sensitive enough to be aware of it and help! In my opinion, it’s often the humans, and NEVER the animals, who are ignorant, uncaring, and just plain stupid.

    • Eva D Ritchie Force this book is extraordinary. It is indeed wonderful to know that so many of these behaviors are cause by neurological issues and so many animals can be helped with appropriate treatment.

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