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Petting Your Cat — 3 Comments

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  2. Most of my cats favour being stroked along the sides of their face, except for Horace, who prefers having the top of his head gently massaged by my fingertips.

    Sophie was not a cat who wanted a lot of physical attention, but she would always politely let me know she was ‘in the mood’ by patting my hand. Nowhere was off-limits. She even enjoyed having her belly rubbed, but when it came to her face, it had to be right hand/her left cheek, my left hand/her right cheek. If I used the ‘wrong’ hand, she would gently pat it away and touch the hand she wanted me to use (lol).

    • Sophie was very precise in knowing what she liked! It does show that cat guardians are very aware of their cat’s likes/dislikes and moods etc.. compared to cat owners who are less involved and concerned.

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