Pharaoh – An unforgettable Aby!

by Maggie

My beautiful Pharaoh

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My beautiful Pharaoh

Biru Henry Pawson was the cat who influenced my life. With out him I would not be sitting here now typing this. He was with me from the very beginning of my life, and will be with me until the very end.

On 29 August 1988 King’s Mead Golden Dena, a Tawny Abyssinian female, gave birth to a litter of fine kittens, sired by Grand Champion Absin Howzat, a Silver Abyssinian male. In the litter was Biru Henry Pawson. About 3 months later, my mother purchased Henry and renamed him Pharaoh.

I was born some years later, by then Pharaoh was fully grown and mighty handsome! We grew up together and we shared unforgettable experiences. He was more like a brother than a pet. I remember one Easter morning when I was quite young, I was excited about the arrival of the Easter Bunny, and wanted to share my excitement with Pharaoh, he was outside so I went to find him, I walked around the side of the house to find Pharaoh feasting on what looked a lot like a rabbit, I instantly jumped to the conclusion that Pharaoh had killed the Easter Bunny and was now eating him for breakfast.

But the experience of which Pharaoh and I shared that remains so clearly in my memory was our last. They day he died feels like only yesterday. I will never forget it.

It was mother’s day 2005, the 8th of May. Pharaoh’s health had been deteriorating over the past few months, due to an abdominal tumor. It was early in the morning, and no one was yet up. I heard a high pitched “Meeeeow!” come from outside, so I got up and ran to where it had come from. Pharaoh was under the house. I opened the small door and looked in, I called Pharaoh’s name several times and heard him moving. Slowly he limped his way through the door into the early morning sun. I picked him up, he stank horribly and was covered in feces (he had lost control of his bowel) I held him tight and took him inside. My mother was up by then, and she cleaned Pharaoh up. But gave me the heart braking news that Pharaoh was now suffering, he was too ill to even survive the rest of the day and he would have to be put to sleep.

Hours later, I wrapped him in my favourite blanket and everyone said their goodbyes. My mother, father and I got in the car and departed to the vet, I held Pharaoh close to me the whole time and whispered to him how much I loved him, and how we would see each other again. Tears ran down my face (as they are now) and anxiety built up as we arrived at the vet. I went into vet’s office with mum and dad, the vet looked at him and said “Yes, it’s time for him to go.” and even more tears flooded down my face. I grabbed Pharaoh from across the table and held him tight, my parents told me to leave the room, but I remember continuously saying that I wanted to be there for him. Eventually I left the room and sat in the waiting room, I heard them shaving him and then within a few seconds, my parents and the vet came out. My mother had tears streaming down her face, she said it felt like she had just lost a child. Pharaoh was wrapped in the blanket, he was gone.

Pharaoh was buried by his companion, Khian, a Silver Aby, who had died in about 1990 from being run over by a car.

I will never forget Pharaoh, he is the reason for my love of cats. I believe that part, if not all, of Pharaoh resides within Chilli, because when I look at Chilli it feels like Pharaoh is around. He was an amazing cat and I will never forget him.

In memory of Biru Henry Pawson “Pharaoh” 29/Aug/88 – 08/May/05


Pharaoh – An unforgettable Aby! to Abyssinian cat

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Pharaoh – An unforgettable Aby!

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Jun 04, 2010so sad
by: kathy

I’m saying sad because the cat love of my life is getting up there. I finally was able to figure out my Lia’s age. I remembered, although I never forgot, that he was named after the movie Saven Years in Tibet. Which was my favorite and still is one of my favorite movies. Well he is a snow marble and when trying to think of a name for him I realized that his markings reminded me of mountains. So his name actually is Himalaya, after the way they pronounced it in the movie. Well that is shortened to Lia. That movie came out in 1997. So he is a grand old 13. He really has slown down this month, especially in the heat. Hes showing his age and I dont like it. I’m just going to try to make up for the time we missed together and I know he loves me unconditionally. We went away for 4 days over the holiday and our neighbor Bill, I’ve mentioned him here before was their babysitter. He called me on the 4th day and said I better come home because Lia clearly wanted his mommy. Well we already were on our way because I dont like to be away from him one minute. I was calling Bill everyday. Still a sad story.


May 28, 2010Lovely tribute to Aby
by: Tracey (England)

You tribute to Aby was so touching.

The detail of your story is so clear it’s as if it were yesterday that he was with you. I think we all know from the clarity of you memories that he will always be remembered.

I think although we love lots of cats during our lives there is always one that is just so very special, for me it was Benji who I lost Jan 15 2008.

My husband and I were both with him when the time came and my husband placed his finger gently between his toes. That was something only he used to do. He did this because he said Benji would know he was with him as he died.

Aby sounds so special; I so wish that all children could be taught to respect and love cats the way you clearly loved Aby as you grew up.

A sad but lovely story, Maggie thanks so much for sharing with us.


May 27, 2010Unforgettable
by: Finn Frode, Denmark Hi Maggie. Thank you for telling us about your wonderful and special relationship with Pharaoh. The episode with the Easter Bunny must be one of those great stories that I’m sure have gone down in family history. I hear the same when our own children talk about the cats of their childhood. 😉
Saying goodbye to and old friend like Pharaoh must have been hard, but I think your parents did right in allowing you to accompany him on that final trip to the vet. Only very small children should be spared this and I reckon you must have been in your teens at the time. Besides comforting the cat it also helps demystifying this sad event, which we all must face.
And you are right that cats like Pharaoh are with us forever. Not a day goes by without me thinking of brave Ivanhoe, red Rudolf, tabby Alice and all the other great cats of my life.

May 25, 2010Ruth
by: Maggie Sharp Thank you, Ruth. I’ve never been through anything so hard as to losing Pharaoh, I think about him all the time and I always find time to look over his photos and remember him. Things that seemed to insignificant at the time are so important to me now, like when Pharaoh would stand on the rocks by the bus shelter and watch us leave for school, and how he would wait at the door for us when we arrived home. (He was indoors and outdoors, I should write an article on him being outdoors, he was amazingly smart!)

He was always there for me no matter what, and I believe he still is.

I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t allowed cats as a child, I can’t imagine a childhood without cats. Other than the 3 and half years that I didn’t have a cat. But I suppose in the end you did get your cats, and that’s all the matters! =)

May 25, 2010R.I.P Pharaoh
by: Ruth I’m sitting here crying for you for the loss of Pharaoh and also for the loss of my own feline soul mates over the years, I will never forget any of them.
The hardest part of having cats in your life is when you have to say goodbye.
I wasn’t allowed cats when I was a child,ours was a dog household those days.I did love our dogs, but to me cats are so very special and no matter how many you have over the years,each one is unique and has a different character.
I waited so long for cats that I truly appreciated the joy of having them around me at long last. But their lives are so short in comparison with ours and I feel that we should make them as happy as we can for the time they are in our care.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 25, 2010Thanks, Gail!
by: Maggie Sharp Thank you, Gail! Pharaoh was buried whilst still in my favourite blanket, he was also buried with his favourite cusions off his favourite chair. I love the thought that he is forever sleeping in something that belonged to me, I know it was only a blanket, but it was one that I loved a lot.

He was the most amazing cat, I can’t describe how much he means to me. I remember every place that he used as his scratching post and I remember every place outside that he would sleep in. It’s been 5 years and it’s still hard to believe that he’s gone…

Chilli and Pharaoh are actually related, if you go back a few generations!

May 24, 2010Tribute to Pharoah
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA) Maggie, your tribute to the mighty Pharoah is both endearing as well as heart-breaking. (Thank goodness no one’s in the office to see the buckets of tears streaming down.)

The esteem you have for Pharoah is very evident and you speak of him with warmth and pure love. Your sweet words of tribute are so powerful, it boggles the mind.

Pharoah’s love is all around; just look for it. The fact that you see it in Chilli is only one example. I’m sure Pharoah would approve.

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