Pheromones improve the relationship between cats and dogs in the home

Researchers from the University of Lincoln, Professor Daniel Mills and Dr Miriam Prior, a veterinarian, explored the effects of two commercial pheromone products, Feliway Friends and Adaptil on cat-dog interactions. The study lasted six weeks and their findings are published in the journal Frontiers in Veterinary Science.

Dog and cat are friendly
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The scientists concluded that there were fewer “undesirable actions” between cats and dogs. They were referring to incidents such as a dog chasing a cat or barking at a cat. Or a cat might hide from a dog.

The research is highly relevant because, I believe, that most people consider the use of artificially created pheromones as a means to calm down their cat if they become stressed for whatever reason or because they are timid.

To consider the effect of commercially produced pheromones on the relationship between cats and dogs is enlightened and useful. I’m sure that it will please many people.

Feliway Friends
Feliway Friends

Although many domestic dogs are socialised to animals and therefore friendly towards cats and are unlikely to chased them, their inherent predatory trait is to chase prey which might include a cat and that cat might be inside the family home. To have a convenient and relatively easy way to deal with this inherent problem is helpful.

Prof Mills said that in seven percent of households in the UK you will find both cats and dogs. Some of them will experience problems between the species. The situation may be stressful between animals and it may cause stress in their owners.

Dr Prior, a veterinarian, who worked with Dr Mills, said that they would like to investigate the interesting findings further to “tease out the effects of these pheromone products individually”.

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