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Philadelphia woman enraged after shelter amputates a deformed leg on her lost 16-year-old cat — 8 Comments

  1. My cats were chipped from the time microchips came out (and so were my dogs). I kept their info updated and paid for the fees the chip companies charged as long as I was able to do so. My 6 cats all have microchips and are registered with Home Again. I DON’T put collars on my cats as there is a danger of catching the collar on a piece of furniture or shelving unit and I prefer to make sure they don’t come near a door when I’m going in or out. They’ve all learned when I bank on the door to go to another room-even the ones who are deaf respond that way.

  2. This was a bad decision as the cat belonged to someone. They had no right to remove the leg. That was criminal damage in a strictly legal sense and they could be sued I believe in the civil courts and technically I’d say it was a crime. Shelters have to wait a certain time (72 hrs?) before having the right to euthanise. The same applies to removing a leg. They acted too hastily.

  3. People asking why the cat was not micro chipped 16 years ago micro chips were a new thing not all vets did it and it was expensive. This makes no sense why the shelter would amputate a cat brought in as stray that could be reclaimed???

  4. Such a sad story. I have never heard of a shelter making a decision like this, without performing even an x-ray. If they cannot afford x-rays, how can they afford major surgical procedures as such? The narrator said that the shelter takes in over 15,000 cats each year, and most never find homes. I do not understand why, with such a huge influx of homeless cats, Stinky was targeted for an amputation at all, much less in 48 hours. I agree with the owner. This decision sounds like it was done in total haste and was not well thought out. I would be outraged also if Stinky was my cat.😢

  5. Sad outcome. Luckily the cat wasn’t euthanized instead, most are. However, I believe the owner is more to blame. No microchip? Which can be done at anytime. No collar with tag? How did cat get out? I have 3 indoor only cats. They have collars with tags on at all times, just in case they get out.

  6. I read in another article that this cat did not have a collar
    or a microchip. If it had, the owner could have been called and this whole unfortunate incident avoided.

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