Philippines and cat superstitions

Filipinos are a superstitious race. Superstitious beliefs play an important role in their decision making according to my research. The Philippines is still considered a developing country. Is it fair to say that the citizens of developing countries tend to be more superstitious that those of developed countries? Perhaps but the Philippines has an excellent education system. Poor education may lead to a belief in superstitions. Perhaps for Filipinos it is about their culture rather than education.

Request: Can a Filipino please comment and tell me more about the cat superstitions of their country?

Black cat crossing person's path
Black cat crossing person’s path. The origin of the superstition that it brings back luck is rooted in witchcraft. Illustration: PoC.
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Regrettably cats, especially the black kind, are players in the world of the superstitious.

Apparently, many citizens of the Philippines believe that when a black cat crosses their path, they have to restart their journey. They should return to their home and postpone their planned journey for another time because they’ll have bad luck in whatever task they’d planned. Black cats are a warning that something dangerous will happen. So, they play safe and go home.

Another consequence of encountering a cat crossing your path is that if you are seeing someone about borrowing money you should abandon the trip as the person won’t lend the money. This is an extension of the bringing of bad luck superstition.

They also believe that if cats are fighting children from different neighbours will fight.

Filipino folklore says that shape shifting evil creatures are called ‘aswang’. A ‘manananggal is an aswang that can fly after separating the upper from the lower part of the body. They eat babies and foetuses from a mother’s womb. Manananggals are sometimes called tik-tiks. And black cats and crows signal the presence of tik-tiks. If a baby or child has a deformed body or face it is indicative of a tik-tik attack. These smacks of witches’ cat familiars of the Middle Ages.



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