Photo: Dorothy and Marvin

This is a photograph that Dorothy emailed me of Marvin on her lap. I was surprised at how big boned he is. He is a large, solid, red tabby cat. He was semi-feral (I think that is a fair description). DW invited him in to her life and home.

Lady and her ginger tabby male cat

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58 thoughts on “Photo: Dorothy and Marvin”

  1. What a lovely picture of Dorothy and Marvin, happy together. And Rembel and Murphy, lovely cats as well, and never forgetting Red, there’s something special about big chunky ginger cats.

  2. Dorothy, I think your house is sideways; but, I am familiar with the structure. Great! I have a very large wooden “box” housing and 2 smaller ones on my deck. I lined them with mylan blankets and use indoor/outdoor heating pads (all from Amazon) for warmth. Where does Marvin sleep at night?

      • I am happy to search endlessly for your comments. They are worth it. This morning I managed a shot of Shadow and Yellow, lounging on a cloud covered morning. You can see the canoe where they have made a second home. They especially like to hunker down in the canoe during the summer months. The shade of the old oak tree keeps them cool.

            • Hi Dee, hope you find this. Yes, Shadow is watchful..but I’ve been thinking about domestic cats lately and how much they are sometimes like their ancestors. In fact, Yellow is the protector of Shadow, yet she is submissive to him. If a Raccoon eats their food, she is the one up front and personal. If Marvin wanders into their territory, she is the one who puts herself in front of Shadow. Marvin won’t attack her, but he does do his little dance. She always grooms Shadow, and it is never reciprocated. She bravely comes to the door to get my attention if Shadow is hungry. She reminds me of a female lioness. Hunter and protector.

              • That is really amazing, DW.
                That she is the aggresser is very unusual. I love it! Good girl!
                She, truly, loves Shadow.
                There isn’t any other way to see it. He’s too old for her to see him as her offspring or a kitten needing nurturing,
                I don’t know how else we could explain it. She loves him, amd he loves being loved.
                Ofcourse, Marvin would want a piece of that.
                But, again, the more Marvin bonds with you, the less he’ll care.

            • Well, that is good to know. I’ll keep taking naps on the couch with Marvin snoring on my chest…well, on my whole body really. Maybe he will leave the others alone. When we are together, he follows me like a dog would. Gets tangled up in my legs sometimes. I have to be careful if I am cooking or washing dishes and he is in the house. He is always laying behind where I am standing. Out of sight, and very quiet. Barely touching my feet.

              Ill keep the bond strong. My sweet little macho cat.

              I posted this under a different comment. It ran out of links!

            • Tell me about raccoons! I appreciate them, because they are the recycling geniuses of earth, as are the possums, but when they get into the cat feed, I go feral myself! You should hear me hiss at them. They do go running.

    • Marvin sleeps on the front porch which is covered. He has a bed with a heated pad behind a porch chair. I put pads and blankets around the legs of the chair to keep the breeze out. He only sleeps there in below 40 degrees. Anything warmer, he sleeps against the house in the opened air. I have a thermal pad out there, which he uses, but he also has four or five divots in the soil that he has made for himself. There are plenty of shrubs for cover.

      I’ll take a picture of his little eyesore sleeping spots later too.


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