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Photo edited picture of fat rescue cat Mitzi does not help her cause — 1 Comment

  1. You are bang on the money with this photo’ analysis Michael.

    Enlarged, every applied click of Clone Stamp can be seen. It is a shockingly poor job.

    16lbs isn’t so terrible, she may be a small cat, so at 12lbs, she does look a bit hefty.

    14lb cats are not uncommon, some cats have huge frames and can be very healthy/active

    I don’t think many adopters realise how challenging it can be to give the best care for cat who has needs like poor Mitzi

    Of course she is grumpy being flipped back to the rescue so many times. I think many rescues are so desperate to home cats, that they aren’t always able give enough examination/assessment of adopters. The huge number of cats needing homes must drive this issue.

    It is not the fault of the rescue they are at least sticking by Mitzi. It is the fault of society that values cats so poorly, that spay and neuter are not seen as the default, a society that allows cats to breed incessantly without intervention, leading to a huge deficit in the number of good homes available.

    Mitzi is probably hungry all the time if being fed carb filled/high fibre/low fat/low calorie junk, prescription food.

    Overweight cats need a species appropriate diet that leave them properly sated & nourished. Weight loss easier to achieve if the feline gut is fed what it evolved to digest.

    She will need the opportunity & motivation to move more too. I hope she isn’t confined to a cage. That won’t help her mind or her body, but free roaming space is often an unachievable luxury in hard pressed rescues.

    Almost needless to say, she, like most overweight mammals, will be very poorly nourished, which will affect her mood and activity levels too.

    Such a shame that a sweet little soul, should suffer due to the lack of knowledgeable homes, the desperation of rescues to rehome and the lumpen idiocy of internet plonkers with access to Photoshop seeking dumb notoriety via the depressingly popular trope of “fat shaming”

    I’d take her in a heartbeat if I didn’t have two cats. I’d turn it around for her. She deserves that.

    Good luck to Mitzi!

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