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Photo: My Foster Cat — 23 Comments

    • Oh…I like this photo. His coat has evolved to look like a duvet cover for protection in the wilds of the bedroom 😉

      It shows how tabby cats can look completely different. I think these two photos cover the ends of the spectrum of tabby cat coats. Great picture and a fabulous cat too.

    • Classic red and white tiger tabby, medium to long haired.
      Beautiful. He’s a happy and trusting boy to sleep that way.
      Good job.

  1. What a lovely photo, he is absolutely magnificent 🙂 Perfect! And he has the M on his head from Mary’s blessing of all tabbies.

  2. Something else I noticed on my Bigfoot, is the the coloring around the eyes make it look like he is wide awake staring at you. I wonder if that is also the evolution of self protection. Stand back from the picture of Downtown and squint a little. You will see what I mean.

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