Photo of a monstrously vile, odious, repulsive, disgusting, distasteful dog meat trader

This is the sort of person who commits shocking acts of cruelty to companion animals in order to make money. I won’t show the other photos because they are too upsetting. This is Vietnam. The same sort of thing happens in parts of China and the same sort of thing happens to cats, some of the them domestic cats.

Vietnam: dog meat trader
Vietnam: dog meat trader. This is an extracted part of a photo copyrighted to Red Door News.
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This odious person defiantly killed a dog in front of a person from the West who was interviewing him and asking why he was killing stolen pets. This goes on relentlessly in parts of Asia.

There is a gradual rejection of it by the citizens of Vietnam and China but the governments of these countries does nothing to stop it. Animal welfare is almost unheard of. Laws? Forget it. If it moves kill it brutally and eat it.

This is the article in the Daily Mail (don’t go there, it’s too horrible).

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  1. The cruelty to animals in this world is horrific! I really don’t know how people can be so inhumane to living feeling creatures like themselves, made of flesh and blood, only in different forms.
    It’s like meat eaters who say animals are made to eat, they are made of meat, what they don’t think of is that they themselves are made of meat too!
    I hate the word ‘food’ animals and that those animals (and birds) are especially born to be killed, many living and dying in horrible conditions.
    Every meat eater should visit a slaughterhouse and watch the fear and agony of the creatures who are killed there. There are too many without CCTV and many times the cold hearted workers who do the killing abuse the creatures too.
    Cooking and eating tortured flesh can only do harm to a person, if they think boiling animals alive is acceptable, then they are indeed not fit to be called a human being.
    Plants do not have a heart and a brain and a nervous system, they do not feel pain, people who mock vegetarians like to say they do, maybe it’s their guilty conscience because they know that their food does suffer.
    Humans have a lot of evolving to do yet, but sadly time will run out for them if they keep on using and abusing the animal world.

  2. The truth be known, I am in 100% agreement with you, Michael.

    If I smelled dog or cat for lunch on someone’s breath, I am exactly the fellow that would serve them a knuckle-sandwich for dessert! (and that is not just unfounded interweb bravado, I assure you)

    Unpacked the stuffing from my sinus, and pulled the stitches from my hand this morning. Have decided I have had enough adrenaline for the season. Gettin’ too old for all this fun anymore. Am going to take my clue from Dr. Itchy Brother and just take more naps, and quit running my yap around chaps that are bigger than me, and of ill-temper.

    God Bless Kitties, they can teach us so much!

    • Bruce, did you tell us why you have stitches in your hand? I must have missed it. And do you have sinus problems? I have a tip if you do.

      • Was the result of not knowing when to simply “shut up”. Pure inattention to my surroundings and people around me. Just an “idjut” sometimes, I guess. Am okay and all well now, just a bit bruised and battered, but none the less for the wear and tear.

        • You might be a bit like me. I tend to talk too much sometimes, which can disturb insecure people so I have learned (I hope) to shut up when appropriate. I live alone so when I get the chance to talk I it can gush out πŸ˜‰

  3. Dee: “It’s not so much the killing and consuming as it is the half-killing and boiling alive that is most bothersome.

    Adrenaline. It’s all about the adrenaline that the fear, pain, and horror produces in the about-to-be-eaten.

    People are not the only ones who have developed a ‘taste’ for this added ‘spice’: Kitties play with their food, not just for the entertainment, but to up the adrenaline levels of their prey, methinks.

    Any animal that chases another to consume it, raises the adrenaline level of the preyed-upon to a near-lethal level in any event. “Fight or Flight” is more than an attitude, it is a physiological event / survival instinct.

    (and then they take their sweet time in consuming it, relishing every bite. BIG cats put the left-overs up a tree, just to keep coming back to it; it tastes that good to them)

    Sometimes, just that response – if extreme enough – can kill a human being, because of an overload of, you guessed it, adrenaline. It can be addicting, too. People jump out of perfectly good airplanes into nothingness just to get ‘slammed’ with it, or drive fast, or do any number of dangerous things, etc.

    I find myself rather addicted to that ‘shot’ of adrenaline now and then, also. Over the course of only the last week, I have 1) been knocked out, 2) had a few bones in my face beaten to a mild pulp, and 3) had to hit the Emergency Room for stitches to repair a knife wound (74 hours ago). Each and every one of those separate events had one thing in common (outside of me being a true idiot): Adrenaline.

    This Vietnamese fellow is only pandering to his customers, the people who want that shot and shock of adrenaline, without having to go out and ‘work’ hard for it, as I tend to do.

    (I really, really should consider removing the term “that’s not what your MOTHER told me…” [and other, similar ones] from my vocabulary, eh? I’ll soon be 60 years of age, and should learn to appreciate that I still have most all my natural teeth)

    Half-killing a dog, and then boiling it alive probably puts enough adrenaline into the meat, that I bet you could smell it if you knew what to check for. (one whiff, and your nostrils flair?)

    Is it much different than dropping a fearful and frightened lobster into the boiling water, whilst his claws – his only defenses – are tied shut? Lobsters are good eatin’, but only if “fresh”. Same with clams and oysters, all best cooked ALIVE.

    Vegetarians feeling revolted yet? Com’mon, folks, you ALL know the best veggies are best comsumed as live, RAW food. Look up (Google) Kirlian Photography, and you will see photographs of how the live veggie perceives itself after one has pulled a few of it’s leaves, buds, fruits or other off, to consume it “in its most healthy state: live food”.

    (they are not happy)

    There are also many Youtube vids out there on the sound of the screams of vegetables (yes, plants make audible, recordable noises after traumatic events)

    We are likely incorrect to assume that personal, cultural or ethnic choices in food are “just wrong”. Those are opinions couched in our own personal, cultural or ethnic prejudices.

    I like to eat cows. McDonald’s restaurants serve up more than a BILLION hamburgers a day to people world-wide who have a similar proclivity, although I would assume they are not so popular in places where cows are worshiped as divine beings.

    This subject – eating half-dead-tortured-and-then-boiled-alive puppies needs to be re-thought.

    (not that you could ever put enough mono-sodium glutamate MSG and soy on them to suit me: I will continue to get my daily dose of adrenaline the old-fashioned, Viking way: poking tigers!)

    One last thought: “Real Cat Lovers should Like This Guy: He’s Getting Rid of DOGS!”

    • I know cat and dog meat are contentious issues. I see it as very definitely highly immoral and wrong as would 99% of Brits because this sh*t would be immediately arrested here and be imprisoned on conviction for a year and fined Β£20,000 quite possibly.

      That said, factory farming and eating chicken is not much different and if that is so, it should be stopped too. There is something viscerally wrong about what this person is doing.

      I think it is indefensible and personally if it was legal I do to him what he does to dogs.

      However, I respect other people’s views. This is a tricky debate. These are companion animals not livestock. The deal we have with companion animals is to care for them not torture them.

  4. I, certainly, don’t want to go there.

    I don’t have the ability to make any sense of this at all. Is the hunger so great?
    I don’t know.

    It’s not so much the killing and consuming as it is the half-killing and boiling alive that is most bothersome.

    My belief is that at least 1/3 of the world are barbarians. Presence and attempts to educate have failed there. I think we should just stop trying and let them die out. Trying to save the world has been a detriment to the needy in our own country as well as other civilized countries.


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