Photo of Man Caught On Nanny Cam Viciously Beating House Cat

You may remember the story of the ‘nice’ house guest who was secretly abusing the family cat but who was caught doing it on a baby monitor.

Well, here is a photo of him:

The shocking video of him abusing the cat hardly shows his face so it is nice to get a clear look at a nasty cat abuser who violently and systematically punched and shook the cat.

However, I don’t know whether it teaches us anything. I suppose anyone can be a cat abuser. However, personally, I like to put a face to these people. They need to be shamed. His name is Jordan Linquist, 19.

Lunquist was a friend of the son of the cat’s owners, Kaleb Cloward. Lunquist must have presented himself as someone acceptable as a house guest. How wrong the Clowards were.

Lunquist has been charged with animal cruelty, which in Utah is a third degree felony. At least he has been charged but what will his sentence be on conviction?

Source: Man Caught On Nanny Cam Viciously Beating House Cat, Arrested By Police [Graphic Video]

5 thoughts on “Photo of Man Caught On Nanny Cam Viciously Beating House Cat”

  1. We just have to accept that there are humans who are just pure evil. And, it behooves us to REALLY know who we can trust.
    It reminds me why shelters charge fees for cat adoptions. I think it is a little because they know that few abusers would PAY for a cat when they could just pick up one off the streets here.


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