Photo of mysterious “big cat” on Florida beach

This is another one of those mysterious big cat photographs; only the cat is not big, more medium-sized for a wild cat. That is if the cat is a wild cat because even that is not certain. The photographer, Jack Drost, swears that the photograph is not photoshopped and I can believe him. Some people say it is edited but it is not. The quality is simply too poor.

It is amazing how poor the quality is considering the photographer is only about 25 or less yards away when you bear in mind the quality of modern photographic equipment. You can get a fantastic quality photograph with a smart phone so how he has managed to degrade the image quality to this extent is beyond me. It lacks definition and sharpness.

It is always the case: whenever there is a photograph of a mysterious “big cat” the quality is always ludicrously poor so nobody can tell what kind of cat it is and it is normally a large domestic cat.

The cat in the photograph does not, in any shape or form, look like a bobcat. The legs are far too rangy and the paws are too small. The coat colour is wrong. The ears are not lynx tipped. The head looks too small. Yes, the tail looks short but it could be because of the camera angle. This cat looks more like a rangy, large Siamese cat than an American bobcat! Siamese cats can have short and kinked tails. πŸ˜‰

It is certainly not a Puma (far too small and wrong on so many levels) as one or two people have suggested. Apparently, bobcats do trot along this beach from time to time so you can’t discount the possibility that this is a bobcat on a Florida beach. The photographer says that this is a bobcat. Personally I find it very hard to believe and I find it very hard to believe that he managed to take such an awful quality photograph at close range and in excellent conditions. That’s almost fishy to me. It is almost like the quality is poor in order to hide the true identity of this cat. The objective: to make it more interesting and to encourage discussion on social media.

What do you think?

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