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Photo of person accused of filming himself killing kittens — 26 Comments

  1. Actually … he is CURRENTLY on trial here in Canada for murder (for the gruesome slaying in Montreal of Concordia student Jun Lin). Chopped him up and ate parts of him … Magnotta is also charged with committing an indignity to a body; publishing obscene material; criminally harassing Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other members of Parliament; and mailing obscene and indecent material. He has admitted to the charges … check his name on Google for info about the trial. He’s one sick, sadistic prick!

      • Sorry, some acts need to dealt with in the same regard they gave their victims. A sick bastard likes this needs to be killed by law. He is a waste of space and will bring nothing but sorrow and suffering around others.

        If I had the power, I could hurt someone like this. I would like for him to suffer physically, but also for him to know terror and a state of hopelessness, just like those precious kittens felt. I can hate someone like this and not feel guilt over it.

  2. This monster is another reason I’m in favour of the FBI’s proposal to register and track animal abusers. He’s living proof that anyone sadistic enough to torture and kill defenceless animals, often moves onto to killing humans.

    I hope it’s more than a myth that animal abusers often experience “street justice” from fellow inmates when they enter the prison system.

  3. I cannot even verbalize what I would want to do to a person like this if I had the power and opportunity. It is ugly and hateful and it is not something I like to think I am capable of doing.

      • Cruel Michael, I belief that cruelty must end but our response to such cruelty must not be with cruelty 🙁 I hate cruelty in any ways.

          • It’s TRUE Michael, I know when a cat or kitten is just killed in front of some one, what the feeling can be.

            Today, Me and my wife drove our bike upto more than 70 KM with in three hours, we stayed aside and took 5/10 minutes rest. Just to see the population of the cat within our city. We found many FERAL DOGS and a dog was eating a full cat. Michael! It was my first feeling to just kill that dog but he was one of the species of my PUZZO puppy. PUZZO was a puppy girl. My wife said to me, why tears in your eyes Ahsan? I replied that we are becoming same as these innocent (natural predators) but still I believe that we are human beings and tackle the situation in the better and the best ways.

            I have no place for cruel people though but I may say that CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGY is a branch of the subject psychology which deals with these kind of psychos who kill animals or human beings, then the LAW is prevailing in the best shape of planet earth in the WEST. If I will think to JUST BEHEAD him so there is no any difference between me and TALIBAN.

            I am waiting for the post, (ofcourse you will let us know here, or who will else, I am fan of your articles) what the court of LAW has decided about him?

            That will be the conclusion of the whole scenario whether the STATE is interested to protect their property free roaming or it decides to let those cruel people go and do what so ever they believe to do within the rules they have about cruelty towards the innocents 🙁

  4. Scum of the earth, he deserves to suffer as much as he made the kittens suffer, but he won’t, cat abusers don’t get punished enough by the law. It’s down to Karma to give them their just deserts and I really hope it does exist!

      • Actually there are more disturbing acts of viciousness going on that can be seen around the internet depicting a trend that involves pure evil. I had the displeasure of viewing and only for a few seconds a video showing a woman wearing stilettos and was crushing a kitten to death with the heel.. Apparently, this is some sick sexual fetish that men get into and the woman has the video made. I got physically ill after seeing what i saw. Never again! Some people don’t have the right to even breath the air we breath!

          • Well, i think it disturbs some of us regardless of our age! The true helplessness of it all Michael, is what do we do about it? What can we do? I get so frustrated because i want to bring change and help people and animals both, and i feel my hands are tied. The world seems to be in the clutches of terrible turmoil and chaos with no end in sight. Man leading man to his end. All the earth is affected by the twisted violence and our dear animals suffer right along with the rest of the misdirected. It truly disgust me!

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