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Photo of Sphynx Cat and Judge at Romanian Cat Show — 6 Comments

    • Eva, all cats have webbed feet like that. It’s just because of the fur that we cannot actually see their anatomy. . . ♥♥♥

    • I am pleased that you like it. I thought that it reflected this cat breed in terms of appearance and behaviour quite nicely.

  1. I also think it’s a nice photo. The cat looks at ease though not comfortable with how it’s held. It’s just used to that kind of handling, which I’m not fond of. I understand that the judges are only there to look at it, not necessarily pet or comfort them, but I’ve watched these “shows” and I would be more comfortable if they would slow down a little and connect a little with the inner animal and not just look at the exterior.

    This IS an interesting cat to look at though! I’d love to hold one once; it’s probably an amazing, tactile experience. A cat with warm, bare skin. So, human-like.

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