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Photograph of a Group of Cat Lovers — 13 Comments

  1. I am a male cat lover. I am certainly not a sissy. Ex-army vet, gun advocate, right wing conservative. I like all animals, but my preference for a house pet is a cat. They are clean, quiet and easy to care for. If you admire dignity, you cannot help admire cats. They are as loyal as dogs and a big male cat is a very formidable animal if they are confronted. Females are the animal kingdom’s very best Mothers. Dogs are cool–but cats rule.

  2. I just wish there were a few men there because really there should be. It would also help change the mainstream image of the ‘cat lady’ at least to ‘cat person’.

  3. I love that photo, well done ladies.
    I’m so glad King has gone to a new home, hopefully he will be safe now from monsters like Robinson, but I don’t think he will ever fully trust a human again, especially men.
    If I was that thug’s mother I’d make him wish I’d never spawned him!

    • She’s probably as bad as her son, Ruth. They both could do with a good kicking; get a taste of their own medicine.

  4. I love seeing things like this.
    People who won’t let an injustice just die out.
    I hate when we never get closures to some things.

    • They are my kind of person as well. I admire them a lot which is why I published the photograph on this page. They deserve all the praise they can get. They have taken time off to protest and act as an advocate for the cat. They really are cat advocates.

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