Photograph of World’s Most Expensive Cat

Here are three photographs of the world’s most expensive cat as decided by Guinness World Records. My reasons are set out below. Please remember that the photo is copyright protected.

California Spangled Cat the world's most expensive cat

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According to Guinness World Records, the world’s most expensive cat was a California Spangled Cat which was bought for $24,000 (£15,925) in January 1987. This individual cat was the display cat on the 1986 Neiman Marcus Chistmas Book. The cat made a big impact at the time and many orders were placed. (Note that this breed’s name is “California” not “Californian”).

Some time ago, I was fortunate enough to be contacted by a lady whose name is Udana Power. She was a close friend of the founder and creator of the California Spangled Cat, Paul Casey. Paul Casey was a very talented person and you can read about him by clicking on this link.

Udana provided me with photographs of the California Spangled Cat which featured on the 1989 calendar about this cat.

I believe that the cat featured on the 1989 calendar are photographs of the same individual cat that featured in the Neiman Marcus catalogue of 1986. Although, of course I can’t be completely sure.

California Spangled Cat the world's most expensive cat

It is certainly very likely to be the same cat because Paul Casey would have featured the best cat that he had both on the Christmas book and the calendar.

If I’m correct, therefore, the pictures on this page are of the Guinness World Records most expensive cat.

You can read about the full history of this very rare cat breed on this page which features the pictures you see here. The page was written years ago immediately after Udana sent me the photographs. The photographs are actually scanned copies of the original calendar, which I received. You can see the screen printing.

California Spangled Cat the world's most expensive cat according to Guinness World Records

I’m sure a lot of readers of this page will notice that the California Spangled Cat featured is similar to the modern day Bengal Cat.

This was a time in the history of the American cat fancy when there was a flurry of new cat breeds and great interest in wild cat hybrids.

It should be said, however, that the California Spangled Cat is not a wild cat hybrid (although please see Sarah’s comment below). In that sense it is more like today’s Ocicat, which is also a totally domestic cat albeit a hybrid.

Finally, I would at least have to query whether Guinness World Records are correct in saying that this individual cat is the world’s most expensive because A1 Savannahs sold quite a few first filial (F1) Savannah Cats and the best quality F1 Savannah Cats-called A1 Supremes-could well have sold for $30,000 and more.  However, when inflation is factored in the price of the California Spangled would have been an astonishing: $38,105 (£22,692).

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    • Agreed. There are none left I would think. It’s a cat breed which did not take off despite all the hype. No one has ever come to this website and told me that they have a California Spangled. That’s over ten years.

  1. I just happened to have looked up/found the Ashera the other day that is said could fetch up to $100,000. Not actually fetch, although for that kind of money… And, it’s not domestic (Asian leopard/African Serval/Domestic hybrid). I see that Sarah did mention it too. I’m struck by the face, looking quite tiger-like.

    • The Ashera GD is an F1 Savannah cat. The F1 Savannah is said to be hypoallergenic (anecdotally). This is how Allerca cats can claim that this cat is hypoallergenic. Technically the Ashera is not a cat breed. F1 Savannahs can sell for around $30k. I am not sure of the price and it depends on the ‘quality’ which means the appearance.

  2. Should’ve mentioned he’s my dad’s first cousin, but maybe that was deduced with the end of my comment. He’s greatly missed just like his brother John Casey.

  3. Paul Casey was such a talented and beautiful soul. Besides his work with the Spangled Cat, his novel Open the Coffin was completely fascinating. During the reading, Kenneth Branagh was in the audience to offer his opinion. I’m pretty sure either my aunt or her daughter (my cousin) took those great shots of those beautiful cats. He was a real pioneer in hybrid breeds and it was all done out of his love for the leopard and the poaching that was going on. I’m actually named for the family. My great aunt Corinne married a great man with Paul Casey, Sr. Thanks for this article. ( )


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