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Photographer breaches contract over photos of extraordinary ‘two-faced’ cat Narnia — 9 Comments

  1. After much pressure, the Daily Mail article has been updated with the names of the cat, cattery and owner and referring to his blue eyes (the feature being selectively bred by Chatterie de la Grace). Their article is still full of silly errors, but it now states that the photo was taken by “Studio Arioko” – which is how the photographer presented himself to the owner.

    Many thanks for your help!!

  2. Michael Sir here is a photograph of a stray “Two Face Cat” that i photographed in the compound of St Stephens Orthodox church in Addis Ababa on 27/12/2017 during my recent travel across Central Africa.I was surprised on seeing this cat and immediately recollected the celibrity two faced cat in the media. If this cat had a owner who was media savy i am sure it would have made some sensation on the Internet.
    Below i have posted a photo of this cat.

    • While BabyMooks is not nearly so pronounced the feral colony had many with the split faces however they are not true chimeras. This trait is why most true two faced cats are likely at least tortoiseshell on one side.

  3. I wonder if cats take much notice of each other’s appearance, and specifically if a “normal” cat would think much differently of one of these. It is strikingly abnormal… almost hard to reconcile, like you’d expect to see two cats split and head in different directions.

    • Thanks Sarah. Labat has late in the day contacted me and I have updated the page (halfway down). There was a release form which he is relying on so there was also a verbal agreement. I say the verbal agreement is binding. I have asked Mr Labat for his thoughts.

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