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Photos of Surviving Cats From Julianne Westberry Cat Hoarding Tragedy — 31 Comments

  1. is that all of them? I only see 25. I took two siamesey looking females (spayed) to Second Hand, who took them to Julianne. I want them back.

    • This is not all of then as far as I know. It is a relatively early post and the situation was fluid. From now on any comment you make will be published immediately. Thanks for posting.

  2. To Hey Morons- aka Woodsman- I know where you live as do many others and I understand you don’t have much time. You are on every anti cat board out there so STFU!!!!
    Crawl back into your murdering hole.

  3. Sue Westbury- you were a breeder!! Stop making excuses for your murdering daughter- YOU are part of the problem- YOU are the PROBLEM- you knew what was going on and kept your pie hole closed-
    So STFU and go to hell!!!

  4. Hey Michael? How much money is being made and donated to cat-causes this month from exploiting all these tortured and dead cats? And then you have the gall to try to claim that you are different than every other cat-licker that exploits suffering animals for their own financial gain. These have been your most popular and lucrative threads to date! $Ka-CHING!$ There goes your bank-account skyrocketing by parading dead and suffering cats in the media — AGAIN! And then you wonder why Alley Cat All-Lies perpetuate and promotes cats suffering to death on the streets to become $MILLIONAIRES (their 2013 income was reported over $7.2 MILLION, none of it actually going to help real cats). It’s a HIGHLY lucrative business today to promote and exploit suffering animals, as you are well aware of from your own practice of this by promoting TNR and everything that caused why those cats suffered to death in the very first place (e.g. promoting “No-Kill Shelter” lunacy for an over-saturation of unwanted animals).

    • These have been your most popular and lucrative threads to date!

      Wrong I am afraid. Very wrong. Dwarf cats and miniature cats is by far the most viewed page at present.Over the years hundreds of other pages have done better than these pages. The Westberry pages are OK but there are pages at present that receive more visits. Sorry Woody.

      • Everyone note, that Michael sidestepped the main comments, about how much money he makes from exploiting dead and tortured cats. What’s next Michael? Are you going to go out and intentionally hurt cats to parade them in the media just like so many do today for donations? Claiming how much they love cats and asking for donations? Hurting cats and parading them in the media is a HIGHLY lucrative money-making scheme today.

        Isn’t it funny, that they can NEVER catch who harmed any cat found. Oh, but someone is always there to “save” it just in the nick of time! If they want to find out who harmed that cat they need look no further than the ones making money from it.

        It’s just a street cat, it would have died an inhumane death anyway. What a shame if it dies by torture and suffering without someone making a buck off of it to.

        That’s how it works Michael. And YOU’RE a part of it now. Sleep well!

  5. This is Cash, the black one…and Max the handsome tabby. Where are these kitties? Maybe Sue can ask Julianne. I know Gina Hewett Stanley wants her kitties, or at least HONEST info on their whereabouts!!!!

  6. She is my daughter and was not raised to have house full of cats. We raised St Bernards for years. Our animals were always given the best of care.

    • Yea its really horrible, Its people like that that do it on purpose and its so very sad. If you watch the video on youtube your cry. Its so sad. 🙁

  7. Oh my god that’s awful. Litterally every one of them looks like he or she is suffering terribly. They look so unhappy it’s crazy. How on earth could this have happened. She must have gone clinically insane because to make that mess in such a short time wouldn’t be possible any other way.

    Those cats have really seen the worst of the worst in life now. I hope they will be ok now.

    • Michael I will provide you something before about midday on Monday, to post right away if that’s ok. Monday is the day. I will try to get it done tomorrow and sent to you – today I am busy though. But latest on Monday middle of the day.

      • Its so horrible esp if you watch the video which i have and its very depressing made me cry so much. Those poor kitties and cats. That lady is definitely beyond help i believe. She derserves jail time. Its so sick.

      • I would say it would be the worst animal disaster I’ve ever seen. She SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED CATS OR DOGS FOREVER!!!!Sorry that’s in Caps but really she is a Criminal not a Animal person. To have that many animals is just Cruel. I’m not really a religious person as much but i really feel that some bad Karma will come to that lady. Even looking at her face you can tell she had some Badness about her.


          She is currently out on bail and as far as I know free to do as she pleases. I have no idea if she has bail conditions preventing her from keeping cats.

          • I cant understand, why on earth she is allowed any animal while on bail or why she is allowered freedom. Thats just wrong michael.

            • She has no animals at my house. I am trying to get help for her but the wheels of mental health run slowly. I was hoping the judge would make it mandatory she be in a facility but she didn’t. She spent last week on eighth floor and was given medication. I am so sorry this has happened.

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