Pickens County, SC: Beautiful FIV+ shelter cat needs an ‘only pet’ home

This is Chauncey (AKA Chance). This beautiful boy, through no fault of his own, has ended up at an Upstate South Carolina shelter and is looking for a very special home. Chauncey is FIV positive.

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At seven years old, Chauncey is a healthy FIV positive boy. He weighs 13 pounds and Samantha Gamble, director of Pickens County Humane Society says he’s a very healthy boy. He’s currently being treated for ringworm and won’t be available for adoption until December 14.

According to Samantha, Chauncey is super sweet and affectionate to people but doesn’t like other cats. He’ll need to go to an only pet home and it would probably be a good idea for him to be with a family without young children.

Samantha would like to remind potential adopters (and I can vouch for this as I am owned by an FIV positive kitty) that

FIV is less transmittable to other cats than previously studied. It appears that FIV cats can live with non FIV felines and not transmit the disease. The transmission of the disease is more prevalent via a cat bite/scratch. Generally transmitted via a catfight.

Please call the office at 864-843-9693 if you have any questions. It would be nice for Chauncey/Chance to have a home waiting when he’s released on the 14th. While he’s in good health now, FIV can flare up under stress such as being in a shelter. Until his release, Samantha assures me he’s receiving the best of care.

So even though this kitty needs to be an only pet, please don’t hesitate to adopt an FIV positive cat should you fall in love with one.


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