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Pickles: an extremely large tabby cat — 16 Comments

  1. I think he is a beautiful cat and his personality seems wonderful and calm which is just as well because the way they are holding him is totally wrong and unfair 🙁 I don’t doubt for a minute that they love him but he’s not built to be man handled like that! They probably think he can handle it because of his size but in fact the opposite is true! My cat Ozzie is around 16lb and I don’t pick him up too often because he really isn’t keen.

    Alfie on the other hand loves being picked up and he hangs over my shoulder, he’s comfy because he’s basically a little waif at around half Ozzie’s size.

  2. Some of the pictures have forced perspective, and Pickles probably needs a diet and some exercise too. He’s at the upper end for feline sizes and there may be an underlying metabolic or genetic condition causing his size.

    • Thanks Dan, yes that makes me feel better about Pickles, they obviously think a lot of him, I hope they both learn to hold him better, that scene where the girl was dancing round holding his front paws wasn’t so good but if they say he’s now their son then hopefully like any new parents they’ll learn as they go on. Fancy, the poor cat had already had 2 homes, and been dumped, how cruel some people are.

  3. It seems to me, the way the mans arms are foreshortened, he is holding the cat forward towards the camera. It makes it distorted. I haven’t measured Marvin’s length, but his is just about that heavy but I doubt if I held him that way, even on my small frame, I don’t think he is that long ‘looking’. We will never know because I won’t hold him like that. But Marvin is pretty big. Huge head, thick body.

  4. Yes he is holding Pickles in a most uncomfortable way which I suspect is the cause of Pickles’ expression, I wonder how recently he was rescued and if he is settled and happy with the man in the picture, I feel a bit uncomfortable at the picture, the man doesn’t look very sympathetic to Pickles he’s holding him up like a fish he’s hooked out of a river.

    • Exactly. That cat is like ‘wha?’ and ‘Owweee’ at the same time! Poor beast! He looks healthy and I think the way he is being held and the sudden flash of a camera in his face is why Pickles looks out of sorts.

      Like me, Pickles is just plain huge. I wonder what his heritage is. The size of his paws is impressive as well. A real cutie pie.

      Unfortunately, holding a cat like that isn’t against in the US.

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