Pico is a dog trapped in a cat’s body:)

(Austin, TX)

Pico de Gato sunbathing

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Pico de Gato sunbathing

Pico de Gato was rescued from under a deck on a ranch in Southern Colorado the summer of 2002 at about 6 weeks old.

His momma was shunning him and his siblings. He got himself up a tree and begged us to rescue him.

After getting him down, there was no attempt to bite or scratch as I held him close.

He spent the next five days in a cabin, sleeping in my luggage under the bed at night and coming out to play all day.

A call back home to my vet coached me on how to get this kitten through a 14-hour car ride.

He is one big, delicious boy pushing 20 lbs. now. He has a fabulous ruff, feathers between his toes, a soft and shaggy coat and super long and full tail.

Pico has never met a stranger, he runs to the door when the doorbell rings, wades through water for bath toys and carries his favorite toy to his food bowl.

He is generous with his headbutts and is oh so lovely.

I think he has some Maine Coon in him ... From his good looks and witty personality, he is a pure treat to love.


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Pico is a dog trapped in a cat's body:)

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Sep 07, 2010Don't feel bad
by: Joyce Sammons

I have a cat trapped in a dogs body. My Maltese plays with the cats, walks along the back of the couch. Walks across the kitchen counters in search of treats. Darla thinks she's a cat.

Can I put your cats photo on my site for beautiful cats at Let me know at furbythecat1@gmail.com

Sep 07, 2010Handsome
by: Michael

Thanks for sharing. I am very impressed with Pico. He is certainly very handsome (nice photo too) and from what you say he has as great character..and you rescued him. Great story.

Michael Avatar


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  1. OMG-from the picture that is my Rocket. She was a stray. We found her living in a hole in the ground beside our house. I’ve just started reading about Maine Coons and I think she is part one if not all one. I’ve never had cats but love her to death.


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