Pictorial history of De Poezenboot (the Catboat)

The Catboat of Amsterdam – De Poezenboot – is world famous. It might be the best known cat rescue anywhere. The setting is magical and it quickly became a tourist attraction which helped to bring in much needed funds. Here is a short pictorial history in the form of a large collage. I have judged the photos to be in the public domain. The lady who started it, Henriette van Weelde, past away on May 21, 2005 at the age of 90. One of her devoted volunteer assistants, Judith, took over the running of the rescue. The address is: De Poezenboot, Singel T/O nr 40, NL-1012 VL Amsterdam, Netherlands. For a while there were two boats but as I understand it the local authority ordered the second boat to shut down. The reason is not given.

Cat boat Amsterdam
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