Picture: Cat Neutering Chinese Style

Cat being neutered in Shanghai China
Cat being neutered in Shanghai China (Photo: AP)
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This is just a picture of a male cat being neutered in Shanghai, China in 2006.  It caught my eye and looks shocking to me. But perhaps it shouldn’t.

The caption does not say the cat is male but this has to be the case because a general anaesthetic is not being used as far as I can tell. Perhaps a local anaesthetic was used. The cat looks alert but calm. I am sure the cat was actually just frightened into mute passivity. Total submission.

The interesting aspect is the way the cat is spread-eagled and tied down. This has to be completely different to Western techniques. The operation took place in Shanghai in 2006.

In the West there would be a general anaesthetic and the usual preparation for that. The good thing, once you get over the shock, is that it is actually happening. This is better than simply slaughtering cats en masse.

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  1. Poor little kitten I can’t see the need to tie a cat down like that just for working at his private end but China have no regard for cats so it’s not surprising.

    • Yes it’s horrible Marc, but the cat won’t know, his eyes are wide which is how they go when deeply sedated or anaesthetised.
      I don’t think there’s any need to strap a cat down like that, the front legs are stretched too far apart, the vets I worked for would never treat an animal that way.
      Makes me wonder if the vet knew what he/she was doing, even here some come out of university not knowing ordinary everyday routine stuff.
      My worst nightmare when I’d been nursing for a long time was knowing more than some newly qualified vets did and thankfully most were glad of my help but, but not all.
      I honestly don’t know how I did that job now, I still have nightmares about some parts of it.

      • I know exactly what you mean.

        Some of those first year resident doctors I had around me didn’t appreciate suggestions or help.

        They had passed “Arrogance 101” with flying colors!

        I have some nightmares too.

        • Arrogance 101 describes it exactly Dee!
          When my lovely old vet died and the gruff vet who worked for him bought the practice, he started employing newly qualified young vets who only stayed about a year, so it was constant change and stress at their learning curve.
          I stuck it for 5 more years and put up with it for the animals sake but then our late mother needed full time care so I left with an easy conscience and before the job drove me to drink! lol

      • Ruth – it’s honestly a privelidge to know somebody who has worked in a vet’s office – like you – it’s a great advantage to have your insight. But I’m sure it was very hard for you at times. Perhaps you wouldn’t handle it so well now! I am not sure how I would cope with it. Hearing your stories of people wanting to put their animals to sleep for almost no reason make me shudder. Being an animal lover like you are it must be very challenging to go through some of those experiences and they must stick with you permanently.

        When you say you still have nightmares about it I believe you!

        • I agree, Marc. She is a wealth of knowledge and strength.
          I don’t know how she did it either. I wouldn’t be able to.
          I have very little problem dealing with human pain, suffering, dying; but, animals tear me up.

  2. Yes I agree the cat is sedated or possibly under a very short acting anaesthetic as it only takes seconds to neuter a male cat so young.
    We never tied a cat down like that but it’s probably to keep him steady on his back. We’d just have the cat on his side and go under the tail, the vets I worked for were very quick and efficient.
    Some vets decades ago would neuter a male cat without anaesthetic, they’d put his head and body up a coat sleeve, they reckoned whipping out his testicles quickly (OUCH) was kinder than the prick of the needle and the recovery from anaesthetic.

    • Sounds right, Ruth AKA.
      I hate seeing cats tied down, but it really necessary for their safety.
      The restraints are soft gauze. The short acting sedation wears off quickly and the cat could arouse before the procedure is finished.
      This site isn’t uncommon here.

  3. Let’s get Ruth AKA’s take on this, because she is/was a vet nurse.
    It looks pretty typical to me. I think the cat is really sedated in spite of his eyes being open.


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