Picture: elderly woman, Lidiia lives with her cat, Matilda, near the fighting in Eastern Ukraine

Lidiia and her cat Matilda live near the fighting in Eastern Ukraine

*Please click on the photo to see a nice large version*. Lidiia and her cat Matilda live near the fighting in Eastern Ukraine (Feb 24th, 2022). Image: Twitter

This tweet is sad, isn’t it? An elderly woman who needs some peace and security in her life as does her cat and the bloody Russians want to gobble up her country. Well, it’s not the Russians generally, they don’t want the war. It’s the evil tactical genius/madman, Putin, who demands it. He thinks that Ukraine is Russia and that it should never have become a democracy. He is a nasty dictator. If he wasn’t a dictator, he’d be a gangster. Hell, he is a gangster ?.

You can see that I have lightened the photo (thank God ?). It is so dark but it needn’t be. It took me about 3 minutes to lighten. I could have lightened it more but I have a feeling that her room is dark normally. She is very poor it seems. It is so wrong that she has to live through this bloody war (if she makes it).

And will the tabby cat survive? How many cats are going to die in what I believe will be a protracted war while the Ukrainian resistance fights back after Putin takes the country, as he surely will? There will be thousands of abandoned cats and dogs as a predicted 5 million Ukrainian citizens leave their homes in the east and travel to the West in the belief that it is safer there. But will it be? It’s the animals who’ll suffer just as much as their owners. In the last incursion by Russian troops into the east of Ukraine about 7 years ago, 2 million people were displaced and scores of pets were abandoned to fend for themselves. I am sure many died of starvation. It is horrible and tragic. All to feed the ego of that bloody madman.

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