Picture of a black cat with what looks like a twisted neck

Picture of a black cat with what looks like a twisted neck or head
Picture of a black cat with what looks like a twisted head. Photo in public domain.
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The picture looks a bit odd. It looks as if this cat has a twisted neck. Because of this, it looks a little evil. But if you lighten the picture a lot to check what’s going on you will see that the cat is looking down between his forelegs and that his or her neck is not twisted in some sort of demonic pose for the camera. It’s the reason why it caught my eye which is why I thought I would reproduce it here on this phasage. Black cats, unfortunately, lend themselves towards the demonic. The long history of superstition surrounding the black cat haunts it to this day. Perhaps they will never shrug off this unreasonable superstition. Humans are inherently quite superstitious. It is, I believe, born out of fear. There is a background fear in the lives of many people and they seek reassurance through superstition. It’s a way of trying to wrestle back control of their lives in a chaotic world. Superstition explains things although the answer is incorrect. It is believed that about 11% of the population of America are scared of the dark. That’s one in 10 people that you pass on the street are frightened of darkness. I’m sure that goes a long way to explaining why people from all parts of the globe have many different superstitions about the black cat. And they are remarkably different. Sometimes at the opposite end of the spectrum. Some people believe that black cats are good luck but most believe they are bad luck.


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