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Picture of a bobcat – a selection — 3 Comments

  1. I was very curious to learn if Bobcats mate with domestic cats. I have been recently adopted by 2 outside cats, both very large. My maine coone cat is about 13 lbs. But the female outside is much larger than he is, she also does not have a normal voice. She does not purr or verbalized, when I accidentally stepped on her tail, she complained but with a very hoarse or deep throated sound. Do any wild cats use sounds like that ? Just curious ,maybe she has suffered a voice box injury ? Anyone who can add to this, feel free to comment. Thanks nice pictures, but she is grey and white,so that doesn’t help with her origin ?

    • Interesting comment, Joan. Thanks. I am told that bobcats can and sometimes (rarely I suppose) mate with domestic cats. So there will be some hybrids out there. By the way, the Scottish wildcat (living in Scotland only) mates with domestic cats all the time! The African wildcat also mates with domestic cats.

      Also I have heard the voice of F1 (first filal) Savannah cats (a serval wild cat hybrid) and the sound is different to “ordinary” domestic cats. I think the way the voice sounds is quite a good indicator of wild cat genes. So my conclusion is that you may have a bobcat hybrid. If he is, he would probably be a first filial (father = bobcat).

      Do you have a picture? Please email it if you have one:

      mjbmeister [at] gmail.com

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