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Picture of a calico foster kitten

This is a really nice picture of a calico foster kitten at Central Florida Fosters, Central Park, Florida. It was taken by Danielle with her right hand while she held the kitten with her left. She no doubt used a smartphone as they are so competent nowadays when it comes to photography. Straightforward and highly effective. I really like the reality of it. The vulnerability of the new-born kitten. The semi-hairless belly. The faint tortoiseshell coat which will deepen in colour. She is a tortoiseshell-and-white cat and as such is female.

Foster kitten with a bit of milk formula around their mouth. Very cute. Photo by Danielle of Central Florida Fosters.


Rare male black tortoiseshell discovered on streets of Welsh town

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Croatian stray tortoiseshell cat jumps in camper van and instantly bonds with international travellers never to leave

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All Tortoiseshell Cats Are Feminine

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Hurry, your chance to adopt a 1 in 3000 cat

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What is a blue-cream colored cat?

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How rare are male tortoiseshell cats?

Our dear Sarah Hartwell, Britain's scientific cat lover, quotes figures of 1 in 1000 to 1 in many thousands with ...
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Pictures: a Russian tabby, a British tortoiseshell, a flame Siamese and a worn scratching post

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Muted (dilute) Tortoiseshell Cat Dana

Dana, aged about 17, lives with a neighbour, Anne. Dana was a wandering outdoor, indoor cat that found her way ...
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