Picture of a cat at a window turns her into mythical creature because of a partial reflection

This is picture of a dark grey, longhaired cat inside a home, looking out of a ground floor window. The cat is up against the glass more or less and sitting in between the glass and the net curtains which are white. Outside the window is a Christmas tree and some cabling between posts against a cloudy sky. The photograph was taken from outside the window looking in.

Cat looking out of window photographed from the outside resulting in a tree reflected in the glass merged with the cat to create a mythical creature
Cat looking out of window photographed from the outside resulting in a tree reflected in the glass merged with the cat to create a mythical creature. The cat being dark grey allows the light to pass through the glass so that we can see her whereas the white net curtains provide a background to the glass which reflects the light back. That’s why there are two images merged together.
Photo: u/deathakissaway on Reddit.com
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The net curtains have turned the glass into a mirror which is why you see the sky, the cables and the tree outside. These are behind the photographer. But the dark grey cat has interfered with this effect. Where she is the light passes through the glass onto her and so we can see her. Her image and the reflected image are merged to create this mythical creature.

You can get the same effect with a carefully managed double exposure. That is my interpretation as to how this picture was taken. It was a simple snapshot but the photographer noticed the reflection and also notice that the cat prevented the reflection which was observant of him or her.

Below is the Reddit.com post. This is embedded into this site. It may stop working if and when the post is removed from the Reddit.com website. If that has happened, I am sorry but I can’t control it. I improved the quality of the image a little bit I feel.

It is quite rare nowadays for me to present a picture of a cat in line with the name of the website. You might be interested to know that the name of the website was chosen because at that time in 2007 everyone was fascinated with pictures of cats. The number one keyword in the world of cats was “pictures of cats”. That meant that the website immediately gained success. Since then, things have changed and the site has expanded to many other areas and focused on the welfare of cats. This is a very large site with almost 20,000 pages. There are also subdomains with thousands of pages. It’s the reason why Google does not place this site at number one on page one when you search for ‘pictures of cats’ (ranked about 12). There are far too many pages which are not about pictures of cats. I felt I needed to explain that.

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