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Picture of a cat stroller with cat by a river

This is a photo of a cat stroller (with cat!) and my girlfriend by the River Thames at Teddington Lock. It was a hot and bright day. The photo is a cellphone snapshot, nothing very sophisticaed but it does hint at the delightful moment that it was for all three of us.

When going for a walk with a friend or partner it is particularly nice to take your cat companion with you and the only genuinely practical way to achieve this is to use a cat stroller. We met a lot of people on the 40 minute walk along the river and only one person noticed that my girlfriend was pushing a cat stroller with a cat inside rather than a pram with a baby inside. She was on a bike coming in the opposite direction and she shouted out “Are you taking your cat for a walk?”

My cat, Gabriel, was calm and very interested in the new sights and smells. The purpose for him was to provide him with some new things to see and smell. I want to give him the maximum amount of environmental stimulation to give him as full a life as possible.

He did not try and get out and neither did he make any distressing noises which I was pleased with as it was his first time out in a stroller. Of course he is completely exhausted now. He’s in a deep dream at my feet as I type this. I would expect there to be very few if any cat strollers within a fifty mile radius of where I live. They are rare. This is because most Brits let their cats wander outside as I am sure you are aware. I don’t believe in it.

Next time out we’ll take a picnic provided it is not too hot. It’ll be great for my cat and us to have him with us under a tree gazing out over the beautiful Thames on a summer’s day.

In this snapshot you can see him inside the stroller:

P.S. For anyone interested I bought the cat stroller on Amazon for £79. It’s made by Pet Gear which I believe is an American company. It is pretty well made bearing in mind that for me it was quite cheap. I’d recommend it.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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  • Hello Michael,
    You can buy well-designed cat leashes that are like a body jacket, with 2 sets of straps closing in opposite directions to eliminate both releasing at the same time. I've taken the cold turkey approach to putting on the leash for a stroll, and this has acclimated my various cats much faster than the weeks' long methods proposed by some people. I extended the leash to 50+ feet -- for a cat to feel the ground beneath its feet, to explore the natural world, and a chance to run a limited distance is, surely, much more natural and stimulating than confinement in a stroller. Regards,

  • Hi Michael,

    I love this idea. I've seen them before, but never thought about it. I adopted a FIV+ female Tortoiseshell last week, Lily. She will now be an indoor kitty and an only kitty. I'm in Washington State in the US. There are quite a few pet supply stores in the city that I live. I'll check on this.

    Dallas L

    • Thanks for this. I have had fun walking my cat around in a stroller. And you meet people! They are eyecatching. Good luck with your tortie girl.

  • Cats are a great a learning tool for guys. All a guy needs to know about women he can learn from a cat. Women and cats are "rule-based" us guys are not genetically predisposed to being rule-sensitive. I discovered owning a cat is like having the "other team's playbook." LOL

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