Picture of a cat trying to mate with the family dog is priceless

I love the photo although I doubt whether the owners of this cat and dog are as delighted. Or perhaps they are. It is completely benign (unharmful) despite the fact that it looks as if the cat is attacking the dog. No. These two must be good mates. The cat has no outlet for procreation. He decides to try and hump his best dog mate which is impossible because of the size difference, and it wouldn’t produce any offspring for genetic reasons. Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me if the dog (if he is male) tries to hump the cat in return as they get frustrated too. I think she is female though.

Cat humps family dog or tries to!
Cat humps family dog or tries to! 😊 Image: YouTube screenshot.
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You’ll find domestic cats and dogs all over the world humping objects and other species including humans even when they are sterilised and no longer produce testosterone because they are compelled to do so. It’s in their DNA. Not all male cats and dogs do it. A fair few do. Mine does. On my arm, once a day like clockwork.

I expect that the cat and dog in the photo engage in this activity not infrequently. The dog acquiesces. He looks very affable and accepting of his cat buddy’s shenanigans. The expression on his face is nice.

Catdog – cat mating with dog

The picture tells a hidden backstory. In the words of Desmond Morris, the great author, when writing about dogs but the same could be said about male cats: “A level of sexual frustration builds up where the family cat begins to look appealing. At this point a randy dog will try to mount almost anything that will stay still long enough, including cats, other male dogs, cushions and human legs”. It is not quite the same for cats. Dogs are pack animals, and they see the human family as their pack. Dogs are inherently solitary. They’ve adapted to living in a group (the human family setting).

But you get the message. I have another page of a cat mating with bed clothing. Same reason. Same thing. The link to that page is below:

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