Picture of a cat with a bowl haircut

This is a picture of a tabby cat with a bowl haircut. Well, it’s not exactly a haircut. It’s a hairstyle. A cat coat pattern. It’s a permanent ‘hair cut’ that this kitty was born with. Or is this a photo-edited couple of photographs? It could well be because photo-editing is so clever these days. It is very skilled and completely invisible except for the fact, as is seen here, the resultant photo looks unreal.

If this is true, the cat is unique and someone might turn him into a new cat breed! What supports the fact that the photo is genuine is that there are two separate photos of this cat. You would not create two photo-edited photographs of the same cat. It would take too long and be too tiresome and pointless. So it is real I guess. Wrong? Yes, I have decided I am wrong because this is a easy bit of photo-editing. It would not take long. That’s why I am now sure that it is a fake picture.

Domestic cat with a bowl hair cut
Domestic cat with a bowl hair cut. Posted by u/flyart on Reddit.com.
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I have seen tens of thousands of photographs of cats of all types including tabby cats. This is a tabby-and-white male tabby cat judging by his masculine appearance. This is absolutely the first time I have seen tabby markings on the forehead like this. I didn’t think it was real and then thought that it is just possible it might be because you get some mutations in domestic cats which can produce some quite exceptional markings<. And in those markings you can get some straight lines because that’s how the pigmentation migrates through the embryo during development.

As I said, photo-editing is so sophisticated nowadays. You can do almost anything. The editing becomes invisible. So is it photo-editing? Yes, it is although no one has told me that it is.

There is a bowl haircut meme online. It is the kind of thing that would start a meme. I think the bowl haircut was popular back in the 1960s but you see variations on it today. I can’t understand why because they are horrible. Absolutely lacking in aesthetics but there is no accounting for taste.

Boy with bowl haircut
Boy with bowl haircut. There is a bowl haircut meme.

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