Picture of a chonky tabby cat – TikTok video

What do you think about this video? Am I out of step with the thinking of the majority of viewers? I don’t like the video. I don’t like the music which is far too loud and gross but it is suitable for the gross nature of the video. This interesting looking tabby cat is overfed and overweight which is obvious. He is a big cat already but the obesity makes him look like a big slab of feline pulling a face because he’s complaining about the way he is being handled for the camera.

Picture and video of TikTok chonky tabby cat
Picture and video of TikTok chonky tabby cat. Screenshot.
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He’s got a great tabby coat and he looks like a charming cat but I wish that his owners had not allowed him to become obese but if they had controlled his weight the video wouldn’t work. The video is standout because the cat is big and obese. Yes it looks like fun because he pulls a funny face and the whole thing is meant to be a little bit gross and crude. It catches the eye and makes the video stand out. There is a huge competition to make your video, one of billions probably on TikTok, stand out. How do you achieve this? It is mightily difficult. Loudness and silliness certainly helps. Internet competition of all kinds is fierce. How do you get seen? Be silly and shout the loudest seems to be one policy.


Is this the biggest cat you’ve ever seen? 😹😸 (Wait for the end) ##cats ##catsoftiktok

♬ Crystal Dolphin – Engelwood

Note: embedded videos like the one above sometimes stop working for reasons beyond my control. If this has happened I apologise. The still photo will give you an idea what it was like!

I guess the whole mood of the video is meant to appeal to young people. That is the major point. This sort of stuff will not appeal to the older generation. The video appears to come from Asia but that’s a guess. Do people have a different attitude towards cat ownership in Asia? I would suspect that they do but I don’t know what the difference is exactly. I would love people to comment about this video. Do you think it’s funny or a bit gross like I do? Be rude if you like. Feel free to say whatever you like.

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