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Picture of a cute cat with a cinnamon bun coat

This cute cat who looks like a pedigree British Shorthair and she has a spiral tabby coat when curled up resting. When standing the coat would be deep, and high contrast straight lines along the torso which is unusual. The coat has been described as a cinnamon bun.

Young cat with spiral tabby coat. Picture in public domain.

The picture caught my eye for its unusualness. Below are some articles on the tabby coat:

Why do many domestic cats have white ‘socks’ on their paws?

To get straight to the point the reason why domestic cats often have white socks is because during the early ...
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Pictures of striped tabby cats

Striped tabby cats are also called mackerel tabbies in reference to the skin of the fish by the same name ...
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Why do some tabby cats have spots on their bellies and stripes on their backs?

The answer to this question is straightforward and has been answered before. It needs to be re-addressed because people still ...
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Coat pattern has image of cat’s head and shoulders

Nothing to say other than have a look. The coat pattern is very unusual and by pure chance at the ...
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What types of tabby cats are there?

There are five types of tabby cat coat with many variants due to selective breeding over many years. On this ...
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Why Are Tabby Cats Called Tabby Cats?

Tabby cats are called tabby cats because of the description of their coat which is derived from the name of ...
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Agouti Cat Color

The agouti cat color refers, in fact, to a coat pattern; a type of cat coat and in fact the ...
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