Picture of a cute rabbit-cat

This is a hybrid – not anatomically but digitally. It is a nice bit of photo-editing to create a picture of a cute rabbit-cat hybrid. When you first see it, it looks alright but a bit strange. Then you realise that the face is not the face of a rabbit but of grey cat. The penny drops, as they say.

Brilliant photo-editing to create cat-rabbit hybrid
Brilliant photo-editing to create cat-rabbit hybrid. The credit goes to the person mentioned on the picture. Well done. Although I have no idea why you did it.
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Update 15th Sept 2021. I received an email about this cat. Here it is:

To answer your question, she did it because she creates those “hybrid” images from people’s pets via commission.

It’s actually my cat! πŸ˜‚

A bit surprised at how popular it’s gotten.

Anyway, figured I’d share the story with you.

Take care!

I am not sure what question he is referring to. It might be a question on Facebook where the photo is featured and the link to this page!


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